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Who wants to play Ragnarok Online 2?

iAddisoniAddison Member UncommonPosts: 1

Me and a friend of mine recently got interested in Ragnarok Online 2. (Hosted by Warpportal) We were rather especially interested in the Raid Content that we saw on videos! We love to run raids and dungeons/instances! So, we cannot wait for the 1st instance which is at level 18, Wolves Cave, 5-man instance. We are, of course, interested in other aspects of the game as well! We play together as leveling partners to make it go by faster for us, so we're level 9 at the moment. He's making a Beastmaster and I'm making a Knight. Right now though, I'm playing on an alt which is a mage while he's away from the computer. I just play this character for fun while he's away.

We would love to play with others! We're even going to make a guild like we do with every game we play together! We're dedicated and loyal to the game. We want to be on here for awhile! So, if you're looking for some fun and a game to stick to long-term, come and try Ragnarok Online 2 with us! So, for the main characters... we've got a Beastmaster and a Knight! Would love to see some different classes play with us! Especially a Healer ;O But, no really.. pick any class you want _^

I don't know what else to add on here. I may have mentioned this already, but we really love this game and want to stick here for the long-term and are interested in anyone wanting to give Ragnarok Online a go and stick with us.. make a guild.. and become a family of nice people! And then, we have also have Skype if you want to chat with us there and use mics :)


  • EncephalitisEncephalitis Member UncommonPosts: 78

    Ya know what? I'll give this game another shot. When it first came out, i tried it and was horrified at what they did to the RO i knew and enjoyed...I've now come to realize that they even butchered THAT RO as well, so screw it.

    I Suppose i'll start DLing the correct things, message me the relevant info i'll need.

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