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Season 8 Set to Release November 12th

RohnRohn Member UncommonPosts: 3,730

The new season for STO is set to launch on 12 November, with the Dyson Sphere and Voth stuff.

Hell hath no fury like an MMORPG player scorned.


  • HarikenHariken Member EpicPosts: 2,655
    Don't be fooled its just another grind for new marks. How many different marks are in this game now? This game doesn't reward you at all. You grind marks for gear. Every single thing in this game you grind for. And it takes forever to do it. And calling this a game based on Star Trek is a joke. All the mobs in the game drop the same junk loot even the bosses. I went over there to the new zone. And sure its nice new eye candy. But after that its the same crap. And now you have space dinosaurs to fight. Dinosaurs with laser beams on their heads. Its really sad whats happening to this game. Go over to the boards on the site. They already have a few threads at least 4 pages long from a pissed off player base.
  • ValoreahValoreah Member Posts: 75

    Have been playing the new Season 8 stuff for the past few days myself.  I have to say, the art department really deserves props for this.  The Dyson Sphere environments are absolutely beautiful.  One thing STO does really well is environment design.


    With that said, I agree with those posting that Season 8 is a bit of a let down.  Cryptic built a stunning new environment, but didn't provide anything really new to do with it.  They added yet another reputation grind for gear you don't need, and if you've no interest in grinding for that gear, there's nothing for you in the new zone.


    Cryptic is also showing their unwillingness/inability to really develop anything innovative in terms of gameplay mechanics.  The Voth are yet another "gimmick" enemy, using "I win" immunity abilities or overwhelming damage that 1 shots you.  There is no challenge to the gameplay.


    Overall I would call Season 8 average.  Artistically it is some of Cryptics best work yet.  Gameplay wise, it's nothing new and to be honest, boring.

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