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Free Realms knockoff lacks

MargulisMargulis Member CommonPosts: 1,614

Tried this game out, and it's definitely a Free Realms clone to a large degree.  Unfortunately it doesn't have much of the fun Free Realms could offer in short spurts.  There are a lot of different jobs / classes you can swap into, and similar to Free Realms each of those can be leveled up to 20.  However, unlike Free Realms most of these classes don't have many fun mini games associated with it - fetch quests galore here on all jobs.  Occasionally you get some platforming mini games which are fun, and there are voice overs for a lot of the npc's which is cool, but after that it's pretty lacking.  The world is extremely small and bland, there is no combat at all, and while there are I guess what you could consider "dynamic events" - they are so mind numbingly boring with poor rewards nobody really does them.


All in all I would say it's the first real Free Realms clone I've seen that touches on that game's ARGUABLE quality - but it's got quite a ways to go.



  • Solar_ProphetSolar_Prophet Member RarePosts: 1,763
    Free Realms in its initial incarnation was a surprisingly well-done time waster. Then SOE cranked up the monetization factor to 11, and suddenly cash was needed to do just about anything worthwhile.

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