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Thinking of trying Aion

KremchekKremchek Member Posts: 49
What is this game about? What can I look forward to and what should I watch out for?


  • ShadanwolfShadanwolf Member UncommonPosts: 2,392
    Don't plan to craft.Game filled with high level players who won't buy anything but high end items.
  • KremchekKremchek Member Posts: 49
    So far I'm ok. Don't like crafting so much. :)
  • eHugeHug Member UncommonPosts: 261

    A quick warning about the title. When I played it the game had an bizarre lack of security that leads to hacks like:

    - gravity hack (disable gravity, stand in air, be allowed to nuke mobs and raid bosses that couldn't touch you, solo all bosses)

    - attack speed hack (it increased animation speed, thus next skill was available faster)

    - wall hack (move through many walls)

    These hacks were widely used in both pve and pvp when I stopped playing the game with version 3.0, no idea how it is today though. I've seen people using them on a daily basis on GameForge servers and nobody that I knew got banned for it, the GM service was horrible. NcSoft that ran the NA servers had a ban wave for those hackers - after they sold their EU customers to GameForge - but only on the NA servers even though they still were responsible for the EU servers.

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  • Abuz0rAbuz0r Member UncommonPosts: 550

    Aion is addictive and a lot of fun.  I've stopped playing it entirely now because it's a really difficult game to be casual in.

    Also, the community is quite evil.

  • Member UncommonPosts: 912
    One of my favorite games with one of the best F2P models. I go back every couple of months.

  • Reza82Reza82 Member UncommonPosts: 40
    sorry for reviving, but also debating trying this and wanted to know if anyone can shed light onto the game... wondering how the population is, both for end game and to know if enough new people/alts being made or would it be deserted at low levels?  
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