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Chk this out...How fast can u typer ur abc's

this is so fast can u type ur abc's..theres people on this site that can do it in like 1 sec..and it shows videos of them doin it..i can only get to friend got 2.8..thats fast..i figured alot of people on this site will rule at it. because of typing in our mmorpgs lol...
i got 3.02, under the name cody h
Waht did u get??post ur numbers

the site

type type type lol

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  • GunharpGunharp Member Posts: 2,890

    13.231 without looking at the keyboard

    8.281 looking at the keyboard

  • ZeremiZeremi Member Posts: 386

    Aah, that freaking me out, only 8,253 secs.

  • patheospatheos Member Posts: 1,148

    lol check this one out, same concept, but...backwards!!


  • stephen_sofstephen_sof Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 388

    well the high score people used macros i dont see them doing it in 1.001 seconds

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  • Mikesta707Mikesta707 Member Posts: 338

    lowest i got was 5.318

    Am I ever wrong??

  • surjstrifesurjstrife Member Posts: 154

    yeah i believe they did the high high score with macros..btut that bamos guy really did it i think..he had a camera..

    i cant get under 3.02

    Good,Bad, I'm the guy with the gun!-Ash

  • ZepeeZepee Member Posts: 947

    Yea I got it around 5 secs aswell...

    Btw, fo those of you getting 8 sec, thats most probably because of the computer your playing in. I was playing in my PC and I only managed to get 8.8secs (my PC is 450mhz), then I went to my dad's PC and I did it around 4.8 or something... I did it slowly and I got 9 secs, so it is most probably because of you low specs or something. That or you seem to be REALLY slow ::::20::


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  • Rikimaru_XRikimaru_X Member UncommonPosts: 11,718
    10.875 on first try but i can do better...but i gtg to work.

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  • Levithian_66Levithian_66 Member Posts: 143

    First try was 6 seconds or so


    then i got 3ish and 4ish looking at keyboard

    5 something not looking.. not to bad

  • NatakeNatake Member Posts: 22

    4353 Natake 3.547

    Thats mine. My first was about 10 or so..

  • surjstrifesurjstrife Member Posts: 154

    wow..nice i found it addicting..finally got to 3.02!

    Good,Bad, I'm the guy with the gun!-Ash

  • RemyVorenderRemyVorender Member RarePosts: 3,825

    heh, I can type 55wpm, but I tried it 5 times and couldn't get any faster than 8.4 on this ABC test...grrrr. image

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  • Kaynos1972Kaynos1972 Member Posts: 2,316

    5.687 sec here, not bad i think hehe

  • surjstrifesurjstrife Member Posts: 154

    lol got like 9 trying it backwards..thats hard

    u got have a sytsem

    Good,Bad, I'm the guy with the gun!-Ash

  • methane47methane47 Member CommonPosts: 3,701
    I did mine in 2.914 seconds... BOOOYyyooowwww

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  • surjstrifesurjstrife Member Posts: 154

    grats on that methane47 lol..its soo hard.

    Good,Bad, I'm the guy with the gun!-Ash

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