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New to Runescape, questions

treyu86treyu86 Member UncommonPosts: 269

Hi guys! I have been following Runescape since I heard of the revamp that is going to happen in Runescape 3. I have been reading about the game for weeks, forums, some wikipedias, youtube videos, but I can't still get a clear idea of what the game is really about. I love PvP and PvE, but I hate themepark games like WoW and love sandbox games like Ryzom, Darkfall, SWG, etc. I don't know why, but I have always had the impression that Runescape was a game for childs, not very deep and with bad grapchis and animations (which I think will be changed in Runescape 3), i know I might be wrong and that is why I want some player to explain me how the game really is.

I know there are quests, skill system, deep crafting, and PvP. But how is PvP? Is it open world PvP? is there any criminal system? Is there player looting? Is there any meaning for PvP?

And about PvE, is it any different than games like WoW?


  • treyu86treyu86 Member UncommonPosts: 269
    Anyone? I would be very gratefull if someone can share his opinion please! :)
  • BathnorBathnor Member UncommonPosts: 137

    Runescape is not a game just for kids. I have been playing for years with my wife. I think RS is a game that gets overlooked because people remember the old grafics, so they avoid it. The grafics are good, and will be better once RS 3 launches later in the year.

    I would recomend getting a membership, as you would get a lot more gameplay (quests, skills, and a larger gaming world). I don't enjoy themepark games, which is why I play RS.

  • Oracle_FefeOracle_Fefe Member CommonPosts: 221

    Runescape is best defined as a sandbox with themepark motives.


    You're free to do whatever you wish or plan, but before you can do it you'll have to do a certain set of objectives if they hadn't been done already. The main goal of the game is hard to say unless you're already a veteran, so I guess for new players it's to focus on the quests you can do and train skills to unlock further ones.


    PvP at this point is questionable. It's there, it's supported with a variety of minigames, it's based on you if you find it fun (You'll find one or two forms of it fun that's guaranteed.) Its really risky in some cases where you can lose all items on death, very safe where you simply die and respawn intact.

    There is no criminal system in-universe, just a report, ignore (cant see what the ignored people say), and ways to filter chat.

    There is player looting within a special PvP area called The Wilderness, along with the (not played usually) Crucible. If you die outside of those areas you usually spawn a gravestone with all (but 3) items in it in the area you died.

    There are tons of meanings for different PvP. Dueling/Staking, capture the flag, kill opposing team's avatar, Free for All last one standing, gather more resources, etc.


    PvE wise, the game's quests (especially the recently released ones) are far superior to your typical 'collect X item, go here' games, in my opinion.

  • strattacstrattac Member UncommonPosts: 22
    i just starte playing again, i can teach you anything you need to know and help you out with gold and gear in game too. pm me and we can use vent or ts or something
  • jahnplayjahnplay Member UncommonPosts: 23
    is there a grind in skills still?
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  • HelleriHelleri Member UncommonPosts: 930

    What RuneScape really is in my opinion; is a labor of love. The RuneScape team are players themselves (you can join their friends chat hit up their community campfires on the forums and often talk with the people bringing you the content directly). They are part of their own player base. And so, they have a true appreciation for the players point of view. They have a dedication and passion for their game like no other and they truly believe that it is your game as much as it is theirs. and their parent company Jagex is a private company. They don't have stock holders or investors to keep happy. The only people they have to answer to is the community. Watch just a few installments of the RuneScape teams BTS (Behind the Scenes) on their youtube channel  and I think you'll get what I mean.


    As for the point of the game...does it have to have one? I know there is in a lot of MMOG/MMORPG an end game, a place where you get to the main point and real fun of what the game is. Runescape has no such focus, that is so clear cut. The idea has always been, you choose your path, you choose your end game. This is why you are not locked into a class, gender, profession, or even server. The game is about... having fun, getting immersed, having a memorable experience. And with the 6th age having dawned, Runescapes players will have the ability to do this on a whole new level.


    It is work in progress. But, the point is that there is progress, not once every few months with an unbalanced end game update, that only widens the gap between newb and veteran, rich and poor. Not once every couple of weeks. But every single day. There is an entiore team of mods dedicated to the specific task of running pols and browsing the forums to gather player feed back. Their is another team who's sole job is to make minor tweaks to the system daily in order to help keep things balanced. There are those who work on bringing us new cool cosmetic items, that you can both win or buy. So even if you don't have all the time you'd like to in game and are not very epic... you can still feel like it (it's important to note that there is a cash shop and that it is purely cosmetic, they don't sell things that would give an unfair advantage, and cosmetic skins don't even show in PvP areas).


    My opinion is that; Runescape is the best MMORPG. Not because it is the best looking, or best playing (that's all hgihly subjective anyway). But, because its development team and community try the hardest and never let up or phone it in.


  • NasherUKNasherUK Member UncommonPosts: 480
    Unfortunately, it has the worst in-game community out of all MMOs and a terrible reputation to go along with it (or at least it did for years and years). That is one of the main reasons people avoid it.
  • TroubleHunterTroubleHunter Member UncommonPosts: 70
    Originally posted by NasherUK
    Unfortunately, it has the worst in-game community out of all MMOs and a terrible reputation to go along with it (or at least it did for years and years). That is one of the main reasons people avoid it.


    You obviously never played League of Legends.

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