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EledhbrantEledhbrant Member Posts: 1

lo guys, wonder if anyone remembers me at this point heh.

My brother had the nc forums open cos he had been back playing for a bit and I noticed all the community talk boards are gone? did I read that correctly? thats a real shame, was some good stuff in there from back in the hayday, even if half the posts have "Banned User" under the names :p

game still worse than it was in NC1? I miss how it was.


  • ezzaezza Member Posts: 88

    hi eled,

    they blocked off 1/2 the forums, you need to link account up now to get the rest.

    guess they didnt want people seeing whats going on.

    think some vets have gone back with nc2.1 though im not one of them and not sure if any cartel have gone back.

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