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Faces of MMO'ers - To Geek or not to Geek

LurvLurv Member UncommonPosts: 409

Hello fellow mmo'ers. So we've done the whole thread of putting faces to different games and different servers. I figure it would be a nice change to start a new thread where it's not limited to any specific game itself. We all mmo here and it's a nice way to introduce ourselves and put a face to the people of the MMORPG community. So post a pic, write a little about yourself, and what games you are currently playing. Please no spamming or flaming other members here. Keep it civil and friendly. Even if you're an @*hole by nature. GO!!!!!



Gaming since 1985. Survived the 8bit/16bit wars. First MMO was SWG. Tried FFIX for a bit and couldn't get into it. Started WoW when Burning Crusade released and played all the way through to WOTLK and got bored with ti. Ran Rift a little and enjoyed Aion for a bit. Fell in love with Tera Online and now it's all I play. Fan of metal/hard rock, build customs desktops, in school for IT Network Support, cosplay, and watch way too much anime. Currently a cook and have worked as a banquet chef for many events. There ya go.

Getting too old for this $&17!


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