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UEE Marines: Introduction trailer (fan)

Hello everyone,

This is a video that is part of a little series of videos that i am releasing, next week will be the second introduction video and after that i will release a trailer where both "groups" come face to face.

I have been working on this for a while. took longer because I wanted to do some things that simply can't be done by me. (which sucks but whatever, this for example is the reason why i used the same guys in the video) I hope you still get to enjoy this. maybe in the? future when we have more different characters I can re-create it with actual UEE guys =D


Thank you very much for watching

A huge thanks to Brigant for doing some totally amazing voice work!



Thanks again. 


  • morbuskabismorbuskabis Member Posts: 290

    Waiting for the dogfigth module, can't wait to fly my ships and pew pew ppl out of the sky. Thanx for your post, gives me an idea how it will look like.

    image -Massive-Industries- Heavy Duty

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