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A memorial for Yoteslaya?

GhrinGhrin Member UncommonPosts: 19

A big part of the gaming community has sadly passed away. His name is Yoteslaya, and he done a lot of work with the games Call of Duty, Borderlands, and a few others. He was an amazing YouTuber and made great guides and just generally entertaining videos. He passed away whenever his truck collided with a Train, a few days ago. 


I just feel as a part of the gaming community we could start a page on here to serve as a reminder of all the amazing people who have sadly departed from our world.


I know that Yoteslaya didn't play MMORPG's but I just feel that it would be a good thing we as a community could do to show respect to one of us.


Thanks for taking the time to read.


R.I.P. Yoteslaya

In the valley of death I cast a shadow to block out the sun. I am a monster accepting what i?ve become. My faith was drowned in a sea of doubts. Now the thorn littered road its my only way out so I push on. Iron willed. Demonized. Tongue forged in fire. Hate in my eyes. Celestial supremacy replaced with gloom. Inhale aggression and exhale doom


  • Swedish_ChefSwedish_Chef Member Posts: 213

    Dead, all because the driver of the vehicle didn't want to wait for a bloody train to go by. What a pointless, useless, tragic loss of human life. My prayers go out to the victims and their families.

    And for God's sake people, just wait for the train to pass. It's not worth risking your life to save yourself a 5-10 minute inconvenience.

  • punkrock2punkrock2 Member UncommonPosts: 78
    May he rest in peace. 
  • HulluckHulluck Member UncommonPosts: 830

    People driving under the influence rarely hurt just themselves. Stupid loss of life. "Needless loss of life.", is more like it.  Drunk driving should carry a heavy penalty. 10+ years in jail with no parole. Given what tends to happen from it. Repeat offenders are often just slapped on the wrist and sent to a driving school or get off really easy through a stupid technicality. Well around here they do.  Lived and worked in and around large military bases my whole life. Soldiers playing just as hard as they work.  All to common of a thing. Wish the ones he left behind the best, not like stupid words help very much in such a bad situation.

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