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Neocron 2 a scam?

RaabHimselfRaabHimself Member Posts: 18
I have recently bought a new copy of Neocron, upon trying to log in, (with the username and password aquired from the 'Neocron 2 account created' email), it says I have the wrong password. When trying to ask for help from the neocron.com website I cannot send a email through any of there support links, my connection is fine, so err, wats up doc?   image

EDIT: Im starting to think Neocron 2 is just a scam. To me, ive just paid for 3 months subcription and for the actual game, and I cant even sign in! Ive tried phoneing them, emailing them, from pretty much all official Neocron sites there are, but its always 'the number you have dailed cannot be recognised' or 'server 'fgef' cannot be found' when trying to send a email. Well nice-one Neocron team, you certainly fooled me...


  • 51505150 Member UncommonPosts: 222
    are you sending to account@neocron.com?
  • NidhoggNidhogg Member Posts: 36

    If it's a scam it's a really elaborate one. ;)

    Check your spam filter to see if the emails have been eaten. We had a guy on our forums jumping up and down that he'd not received anything from us and it turned out to be sitting in his spam folder. Failing that, send an email to account@neocron.com (as suggested above) and then feel free to PM me the ticket number that will come right back to you in an automated reply.


  • RaabHimselfRaabHimself Member Posts: 18

    Is there a way I can change my name to worlds biggest noob?

    Spam filter got it, sorry guys, im playing NC now. Very confusing game though.


  • anarchyartanarchyart Member Posts: 5,378
    lol don't feel bad. Spam filter has gotten the best of us.image

  • NidhoggNidhogg Member Posts: 36

    Neocron does have a challenging learning curve but its complexity is part of its charm. Don't worry too much about the details to start with because you can re-skill your character later on if necessary. We have a player help and guides forum over on our forums which is well worth checking out. The Newcomers' forum is also a great place to visit - people are friendly there.


  • WadeJWadeJ Member Posts: 45

    Hehe, I rember spamming Legends of mir forums with saying they are scammers, Then noticing that it was in my spam emailbox for some reason.

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