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How i fell in love with gw1 (long story)

ellobo29ellobo29 Member UncommonPosts: 423

I remember some years back going to gamestop... i was looking for a new mmo experience, and i noticed a box on the sheif "GUILD WARS" but what caught my eye was the "no subscription fee masive multiplayer online game" so i say to myself "self i never heard of this game before...but with no sub fee what the hell lets try it out"

At first i was confused about what to do and where to most people are in the beggining. So i look at map and at the time i knew nothing about pre searing.....even thou i WAS IN pre searing...

And im all like "wow this world map is tiny.......oh well it was a cheap game and u get what you pay for.

Then the searing happend....the first thing that comes to mind is WHERE IS GWEN! oh noz that poor little girl that followed me all around is possible dead?! I got mad then i got sad....and i started to realize this game is invoking emotion in me. That is a good sign..... and then i open the world map again.....WHOA! the world is like 10x larger now.. in my mind im like "i think im going to get my moneys worth out of this game, we just went from meh.... to WOW EPIC.

Then the travel to lions arch.... i still remember the first quest on the shores of LA...... the music and the art still of the was awesome.




  • ajayazirajayazir Member Posts: 108
    I bought it, kicked people's asses in pvp with my buddies, got our asses handed to us everytime we ran into korean groups ...... and that was the gw experience, it was nothing new.
  • ellobo29ellobo29 Member UncommonPosts: 423
    Well what i think helped was i had low expectations going into it.... when it turned out pretty good i think it amplified things a bit lololol
  • WinterhoundWinterhound Member Posts: 66

    I had been looking at Guild Wars and thought (at that time) "what a stupid looking game with a stupid name".... Then the art direction changed (if I recall correctly) and I thought "this is decent now". I pre-ordered the game and went through some BWE.... It wasn't bad..., then I went back to playing Lineage II (L2).

    After I was finished playing L2, I went back to Guild Wars (thank goodness for non sub!) and thought "wow, this game has no BS in it. I can go wherever I wanted (compared to L2 where even traveling was a chore), and when I fought mobs either I get it or don't get it. I can PvP any time and not penalized for making mistakes (as in lose XP). This game is run by a solid company."

    I started buying the expansion packs and just fell in love with the music, the art, the gameplay, the lore....

    Even after GW2 was announced, I was half skeptical as in "how in the world is Arena Net going to ever pull off their Manifest Destiny? It's so unrealistic!" Wow, I'm really enjoying that my skepticism has been shattered....

    I've been here since BWE1 and haven't missed a stress test yet. I'm counting the hours until tonight. Here's hoping for more love!

  • ajayazirajayazir Member Posts: 108
    all i can say is, for a game without any subscription fee during its time ~ it was well worth the money.
  • MMOExposedMMOExposed Member RarePosts: 7,239

    but GW1 isnt a MMO.


    I got it because a website like this, called it a MMO without a sub fee, which it isnt a MMO at all. Its more like a 3D diablo.


  • MadKingMadKing Member UncommonPosts: 173

    ^ Thanks for sharing, what does that have to do with this post?

    on topic, I bought GW1 3 months ago and I hate myself for not getting a lot it sooner, it was a great and challenging experience. got 30 My HoM points and it was worth every penny for the 3 months I enjoyed it.

  • clumsytoes44clumsytoes44 Member UncommonPosts: 463
    What made me fall in love with GW1 was easy to learn, difficult to master line of developement with chr/group builds.
  • TheocritusTheocritus Member EpicPosts: 8,421
         Actually my experience in GW1 makes me leary about GW2...THe reason why is that I had heard how great GW1 was supposed to be so I found a trial for it and found it very mediocre at best...I had no interest in it even as a b2p game......The community was awful and the gameplay was just meh.....Its one of the main reason why I haven't tried to get into any of the GW2 betas and plan to wait awhile to get more info before going any further.
  • mmoskimmoski Member UncommonPosts: 282

    I discovered Guildwars just by chance, the first thing that caught my eye was  "No subscription fee", this was pretty much un heard of at the time, and like others, I felt that even if I didn't really like the game I wouldn't have to pay out a subscription. But they were doing beta previews so I though I'll have a go, can't really lose here, the game was pretty good, not a full MMO such as EvE or UO which I had played for a number of years previously.

    At first I took no real thought into the name Guildwars, and I played for about 2 weeks levelling up various characters, including farming, it got a bit boring until I found the Hall of Heroes, I never really though much of pvp in RPG games, having played UO and EQ(pvp).

    Guildwars was different, UT2004 was my game of choice for pvp at the time and playing structured CTF in a clan was great fun, and as I played Hall of Heroes, I discovered how deep a pvp rpg team based game could be, needless to say I was not only hooked but addicted to it, even more so when I found Guild vs Guild, the people I met and friends I made, the highs and the lows.

    Needless to say I fell in love with Guildwars, not only the pvp but many aspects of the difficult pve (I dare say raids) as they got better with each expansion and spent 3 years playing high level pvp.

    As for Guildwars 2, I've been sat on the fence for a while, and while I am still sceptical of Gw2's spvp,  I've tried quite a few games since I stopped playing Guildwars but they have fallen short of the depth of Guildwars 's pvp system (many of them have been p2w),  but what I do know is Anet has extremely talented developers such as izzy and Guildwars 2 is not a p2w game and once again has no subscription fee.

    So lets us enter The Tactic Fabric once more.

  • nolic1nolic1 Member UncommonPosts: 716

    I guess I can tell my story I was at work 3 months after this released been telling my coworkers about EQ2 and such when one say have you seen Guild wars I was lost never even heard of it. So they tell me about the game and I was like wait your saying theres a game out there like EQ on ps2 the 2d one not EQOA and they said I guess. These 2 guys where hard core UT99 players and they bought a RPG what so I went and looked it up that nite, later that night i went to our local game store and picked it up. I loaded in and was lost in the world for 2 years before they anounced GW2 my buddies where this is lame I cant beleave there doing this I went omg this is awesome. Still play it to this day off and on from other games but still enjoy a run into Sorrows or running around the Jade sea or just where ever.


    Now 5 years later after trying to get every last peice of anything GW2 related like Magazines and such I finally get to play it and I am excited that its here.

    Sherman's Gaming

    Youtube Content creator for The Elder Scrolls Online


  • ellobo29ellobo29 Member UncommonPosts: 423
    Originally posted by MMOExposed

    but GW1 isnt a MMO.


    I got it because a website like this, called it a MMO without a sub fee, which it isnt a MMO at all. Its more like a 3D diablo.

    Thats not even the point of this thread so yea.......


    So far all good stories keep em going! Even you theocritus :D

  • aesperusaesperus Member UncommonPosts: 5,135
    Originally posted by ellobo29


    I still remember the trip to Lion's Arch, and how pissed off I was when Rurick died saving the rest of us. I also remember how I was kinda agry at the white mantle when I first experienced the blood stone.

    To be honest, though, my initial experience with GW1 wasn't about the story though. It was about the combat, and how I absolutely loved the skill system. I remember in the BWEs how I used to find new skills all the time and thought 'holy crap! that skill is awesome! where do I get that one!?'

    I remember the first skill I captured was actually not an elite. It was Maelstrom, and it took me some time to figure out where to get it (you couldn't buy that skill from any of the NPCs at the time). I then took that skill into PvP and had a blast using it & deep freeze on enemy monks, making it impossible for them to cast anything for a short while. Fun times.

  • SupahGamuhSupahGamuh Member Posts: 10

    I'm still in love with this game. Been playing lots of new and old titles (thank God for F2P or "freemium") and I even found my newest love with The Secret World, but in my heart, Guild Wars 1 still holds a special place in my heart and in my hard drive.

    Even after it's sequel is out, to me, this is still my go-to MMO (yes, MMO, deal with it) when I'm tired of all the other games or whenever I feel to return to this game (thank goodness for no subs).

  • KanylKanyl Member UncommonPosts: 252

    Guild Wars 2 was a letdown for me, since I expected more! For me, Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 are two TOTALLY different games. That said, Guild Wars will always have a place in my heart. The atmosphere, the gameplay, the music, the art, the classes, the skill combination and all that it has to offer, is for me something that I will always remember. 


    I bought the game for many years ago and liked it alot, but I fell in love with it when I tried to get 30 Hall of Momuments points to Guild Wars 2. I was so hyped, so I spent great amount of time in Guild Wars, having fun all the time. Now after more than 6 months, it feels like I want to go back. Because I simply love the game and even if it is heavily instanced, the PvE is perfect and so is the PvP!

  • botrytisbotrytis Member RarePosts: 3,355

    I played GW1 since beta weekends - That was a while ago.  I remember less than 1 month after the game came out there was a monk revolt at Thunderhead Keep. All the monks refused to go on the missions without coordination and then getting blamed for the whole group failing. I took my necro through with a group using the two hench healers Mhenlo and Lina. We did the mission and I didn't even register at the time we also did the bonus. After the 2nd month, the bonus for THK was nerfed to make it easier.


    When Sorrow'sFurnace came out, I remember I could never get a group with my mesmer. So, I went onto GWguru and decided to instigate all mesmer runs which ensued and were a blast to actually do together.

  • Ice-QueenIce-Queen Member UncommonPosts: 2,483
    I bought Guild Wars 1 to get the items for Guild Wars 2. Only played Guild Wars 1 for a little more than a month to get, I think it was, 30/50 Hall of Monuments items. After playing Guild Wars 2 for a couple months I left it, because I felt I had everything ingame and had beaten it. I still have dozens of Celestial, Midnight Ice, Black, and White dyes from where I bought them up early on when they were cheap, just in case I ever want to go back, I'll have plenty of gold in those items to sell. In my opinion Guild Wars 1 was a much better game.


    What happens when you log off your characters????.....
    Dark Age of Camelot

  • NadiaNadia Member UncommonPosts: 11,798

    i never tried any of the betas

    but I was aware of GW1 and was ready to play on launch day


    I enjoyed GW PVE more than WOW (despite GW not being a mmo) but was frustrated that players were limited to 4 character slots


    I didnt want to delete characters to try all professions, so I bought another account


    fortunately, ANET expanded character slots after the first year


    what thrilled me about GW1?

    - gear did not matter

    - levels did not matter  (most the PVE content was for level 20)

    - the campaign story

    - the PVE missions with different goals

    - the dual classing, where you could change your secondary class at any town outpost

    - the class skills,  loved how had access to hundreds of skills but had to choose only 10 for missions/adventuring/pvp

  • schmied3schmied3 Member Posts: 6
    The first game was just so addicting, had to buy the 2nd on release xD
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