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Need suggestions please

OmniwormOmniworm Member Posts: 2

Hey guys I'm currently playing ffxiv arr and I'm really starting to get bored of the game all the end game is just boring to me, what I'm here to ask is..


Is there any MMO out there still with a big community, my first MMO was runescape.. I tried going back to it a couple days ago but the player total in this game has took a dramatic drop since I last played it from 200k+ player to 25-30k when I played it the other day.. What I'm looking for is a game that has a large player base and is still thriving with players or even a new MMO that's coming out in the future.. I've lost touch of upcoming releases, so please guys could you suggest anything?


Old or new it doesn't matter I'm  a PVE type of person and I love doing quests, don't mind the occasional grind either, look forward to the replies..



  • moomoo1234moomoo1234 Member UncommonPosts: 19
    Have you played FFXI? Guessing so, if you played XIV.
  • goldtoofgoldtoof Member Posts: 337
    Big population games would be
    Age of wushu
    Guild wars 2
    Planetside 2

    Next tier would be
    Secret world
  • OmniwormOmniworm Member Posts: 2
    I played ffxi, the population on this game isn't very good, and virtually everyone is endgame making it hard to low levels to progress anywhere, thanks for the suggestions though, I hope there are more to come, I will be trying out age of wushu and swtor, tried rift before didnt like it and secret world is a perfect world game right? If so I will steer clear of that.. Due to bad history with them.
  • goldtoofgoldtoof Member Posts: 337
    No secret world is by funcom, which might be a reason to stay away given what a buggy mess age of conan was. But they sorted themselves out for secret world, it actually launched in a working state. It's more of a story driven mmo, like swtor, but it actually has an interesting story and the quest system is fun, you do single big quests with several stages taking say 30 mins + to complete rather than the standard picking up a bunch of quests at a hub and then playing the map. leveling wise its really fun. Wasn't into the endgame though, it was your typical sit around queueing to farm instances, but I'm more into pvp endgames anyway.
  • goldtoofgoldtoof Member Posts: 337
    Oh to add secret world is buy 2 play like gw2, but they fund it through dlc. They sell the base game, and they sell additional content as "issues", usually a few quest chains and a dungeon. It's currently on the steam Halloween sale with the first 7 issues included.
  • aspekxaspekx Member UncommonPosts: 2,167

    in reference to TSW the base game plus all current dlc's are currently being offered on Steam as a bundle for 29.99. pretty good deal i would think.


    upcoming games...EQNLandmark is the only mmo i am waiting for so im not sure what else to recommend.

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    an infinite game for the purpose of continuing play."
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