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Using the XBox One may get your communications sent to the NSA if there is doubt you are a US citize

ozmonoozmono Member UncommonPosts: 1,211

Some sources reporting how Microsoft has already co-ordinated with the FBI to pass on information obtained from Skype to the NSA.

Considering that Skype will be integrated into the Xbox one and Microsoft has already shown poor form I don't think I need to justify my title. Apparently they don't need a warrant if they are 51% convinced that the person isn't a US citizen or on US soil and no warrant if they are 51% sure that the  US citizen happens to be overseas. How they arrive at that 51% I'm unsure but I'm guessing that 51% should allow them to observe many Americans communications without a warrant and if you happen to be a foreigner or overseas than it doesn't look like you are protected at all.



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