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LF a game with gameplay like maplestory or neverwinter

paputszapaputsza Member Posts: 3

I'm finicky with any game's attack style. I don't like playing games with auto-attack where you hit a monster, the monster hits you and then you hit the monster again on repeat until somebody dies.

I want a game where I have to press a button every time I do an attack in real time to where a part of the game is how quickly I can react. An example of this would be maplestory where you had to press a button to attack in the direction that you want, and neverwinter where even in the distant attacks you hover your mouse in the character that you want to attack and you send attacks in their direction, but you can still easily change targets by hovering over someone else. I guess there's a lot of of games like this on consoles(I don't recall ever playing on one that isn't), but I want a f2p mmorpg computer game. Definitely none of those myriad of fps games. No guns or military theme for a personal reason(I don't like them).

Thank you for your knowledge. Downloading mmos just to see if I like the feel of it has been time consuming and probably hard on my computer.


  • AtlysAtlys Member Posts: 69
    I don't know the specs of your computer, but if it can handle it, I would recommend TERA published by EnMasse. It is pretty graphically demanding, especially when a lot of people are on screen, but it has the aim-based combat that I believe you are looking for. I play Archer and every shot you take is based on whether or not you can aim at your enemy. You can dodge out of the way of enemy projectiles, too. I prefer it to the traditional tab-targeting of most MMOs.

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  • TorvalTorval Member LegendaryPosts: 19,960


    I would also recommend you try Tera. Slog past the tutorial because it's lame, but the combat I find fun. It uses action based reticule targeting. There is an animation lock for most skills so you have to plan mobility. The quests are also a low point so don't expect in depth questing, although EnMasse did a good job at translating the text to something interesting. The crafting is okay.


    This isn't as nicely put together as Tera but still some fun. Gearing up is built into crafting with mobs dropping crafting bits rather than ready to use armour.

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    This game is sort of a diamond in the rough. The combat is action based, but the real twist to the game comes from taming dragons. The way you build your character depends on the dragons you tame and how you skill them out. The game needs a lot of polish, but I still think it's fun.

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  • paputszapaputsza Member Posts: 3
    I'll try terra, but it's such a big file. It's Over 27 gigs.
  • SlampigSlampig Member UncommonPosts: 2,342
    Wait, why not play the two games you mentioned in the thread title? Did I miss something?

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  • BraindomeBraindome Member UncommonPosts: 959


    Pick a Lancer.

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