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Live Forum Q&A Warhammer 40 000: Eternal Crusade



  • AragoniAragoni Member UncommonPosts: 383
    What kind of scenery can we expect from Eternal Crusade? Jungles? Metropolies? Deserts? 
  • erodaeroda Member Posts: 6
    1. When will we be getting those screenshots and footage that was mentioned!
  • nikosjimnikosjim Member UncommonPosts: 12
    hi can we have black templars plz and for the chaos space marines can we choose what god believe????? :)
  • BehaviourDevTeamBehaviourDevTeam WH40k: Eternal CrusadeMember Posts: 38
    Originally posted by Savij

    WIll all classes have an option to damage and finaly kill a tank?

    or will just the heavy classes do this job?

    Brent: Yes all classes will have the option, heavy classes will be better at this job.

    How big will the crew be for a predator?

    David: According to lore, a Predator`s crew is 2.  We`re investigating options to increase this to 4, however.


    when will we see a real ingame video?^^


    Miguel: We're still very early (in pre-production, in fact!), but in the coming month we'll be able to show you some footage of combat in Eternal Crusade.

  • MarshalmatthewMarshalmatthew Member Posts: 2
    Where is that alpha video that was supposed to be shown in October?
  • ExzodiumExzodium Member Posts: 1
    Psyker powers, is it going to be a thing?
  • PaulehPauleh Member UncommonPosts: 78
    Can you talk anymore about Strike Force/Community owned spaces on ships?
  • BatpimpBatpimp Member UncommonPosts: 29

    What are some of the options you are considering for the tactical overview for the squad leaders and strike force leaders?


    are you getting inspiration from other games we can look to for reference?

  • BehaviourDevTeamBehaviourDevTeam WH40k: Eternal CrusadeMember Posts: 38
    Originally posted by grigdusher

    When the first preorder/crowdfunding/early buy will take place indicatively? before of after the betas?

    Miguel: Targeting closed beta for early 2015, we are hoping to sell preorders before this point.


    When the pool for the fifth sub faction will appear? all togheter or one race a time?


    David: We'll release the candidates one race at a time.  We can't say when, just yet.

  • Locutus001Locutus001 Member Posts: 3

    Locutus here from the Eternal Crusade forums! My questions are will the team being adding Forge World (the company) models into the game (weapons, armor, warmachines) or will you only be using creations directly from Games Workshops?

    Second, will you be using the new units that Games Workshop has added to 40k, like Space Marine Centurions (oh god please don't), or will you stick to the classics? Also, why is Steven Lumpkin so sexy???




  • BehaviourDevTeamBehaviourDevTeam WH40k: Eternal CrusadeMember Posts: 38
    Originally posted by goobet

    First off, shout out to Steve Lumpkin for his awesome work GM'ing Roleplay: Dark Heresy!

    Steven: You rock!


    My Question: On the Chaos side of things, do you have any plans as to how mutations and gifts might work (if there are in the game at all?). Will there be a class that specifically uses mutations as a mechanic, ala Marauder from WAR or would it be more suited as a progression reward for CSM players.


    Brent: Yes, we have plans for mutations and gifts, and these will likely be earned on the battlefield.  They'll be available to all Chaos classes.

  • Goldoche429Goldoche429 Member Posts: 1

    1. How are we going to communicate with our teammates? Besides the chat, is there going to be a commo rose like in the Battlefield series or VGS commands like in Tribes? What about VOIP?


    2. How big are the maps going to be? To which game do they compare?


    3.What is the map design going to be like? What's the typical distance between each base? What's the line of sight for open terrain (is it more like the Arma series or more like an arena shooter)?


    4.What is the respawn system going to be like? Where can you respawn and how long will it take? Any special features or gadgets for squad leaders? Are you gonna make troop transports relevant or people will be able to teleport across the map?


    5. Is there gonna be some form of logistics or rts elements? Some form of resources for vehicles or healing items, for example.


    6.What is the metagame going to be like besides conquering the next base and progressing your character? Any grand goals or faction-wide objectives?


    7.What is going to be the effective range of engagement for ranged units?


    8.What are the different type of vehicles? Any type of special features planned like directional armor or localized damage (being able to blow up tank tracks for example)? What is going to the range of engagement for vehicles? How will they interact with infantry (will anybody be able to blow up a tank, will anybody be able to spawn or pilot one?


    9.How will vehicle spawning work?


    10. When are we going to see the first gameplay footage?

  • BehaviourDevTeamBehaviourDevTeam WH40k: Eternal CrusadeMember Posts: 38
    Originally posted by Merkethy
    What sort of zones can we expect in the game? what kind of natural vistas will we be travelling/fighting through.

    David: We're currently planning on four biomes: Desert, Jungle, Arctic, and Temperate Grasslands.  This is only on the overland- you'll see other, stranger environments in the Underworld!

  • WolffkranWolffkran Member Posts: 3
    Any plans on letting Apothecaries having any advanced roles such as recovering Gene Seed to increase respawn rates or possibly temporarily buffing nearby troops through augmentation?
  • BehaviourDevTeamBehaviourDevTeam WH40k: Eternal CrusadeMember Posts: 38
    Originally posted by Wolffkran

    So two questions, respectively.


    First, since I haven't seen it asked in the last Q&A, and I don't know if there's a rule against asking: Is there going to be a closed alpha soon? I feel like everyone on the forums is salivating over being able to get their butts in the game even if it's a heavily incomplete version.


    Miguel: Soon?  No.  We may have some specific tests as soon as early summer next year, but we're still working hard on the details.



    And second, any plans on Daemonic summoning on the end of chaos? I already realize why this would be avoided in general so a simple yes or no will suffice :)

    Brent: At launch, no.  But... it is a pretty iconic part of the chaos experience...

  • PaulehPauleh Member UncommonPosts: 78
    If more playable races are added such as the Imperial Guard, would they be playable along side the Space Marines?  Or would they be against each other (i.e would there be factions with multiple races).
  • MerkethyMerkethy Member UncommonPosts: 23
    Techmarines (and other factions equivalent), what sort of machines and technology will they be able to build/use in combat?
  • materscoutmaterscout Member Posts: 6

    how will physic ability’s effect tanks ?? And if I use a physic ability could I end up being sucked into the warp for failing to do it summons correctly ?

  • BehaviourDevTeamBehaviourDevTeam WH40k: Eternal CrusadeMember Posts: 38
    Originally posted by DeathTrap89

    Are you going to be able to form temporary alliances with another faction, or even just an individual group from another faction to help take an objective from one of the other factions?


    David: Yes, we want temporary alliances with another faction, decided at the highest level of the faction.  On the field, it's up to you to work together or not!



    Are there any plans for player housing? You had mentioned calling in vehicles from orbit, possibly having some form of guild ships that carried your specific vehicles with your upgrades and clan markings and whatnot, that also had guild housing on it? 


    Steven: Absolutely!  Each individual will have small quarters in a ship orbiting the planet.  Squads (groups of friends in real life) will have a small Hall in a ship, and Strike Forces (our version of guilds) will have an entire Strike Force Cruiser to themselves.  These will be somewhat customizable as well.




    Possibility of playing as a Grey Knight? :D


    Steven: Brent plays Daemons on the tabletop, and he says no so....

    Brent: "Never ever."

    David: Maybe, but not at launch. :)



    Are the factions going to be pretty close to mirrored, class wise? Or are they going to be somewhat asymmetrical and play fairly different from each other, while still maintaining the traditional roles required for balanced groups?


    Brent: They're going to be pretty different.  Obviously there will be some similarities- moreso between Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines- but we're aiming for an asymmetric balance while preserving the feel of each race.



  • ThatRoadGuyThatRoadGuy Member Posts: 1

    Hello Behaviour Team, and thank you very much for taking time away from your busy schedules to answer the questions of your salivating fans! I'll get right to it:


    1) You've previously stated that you intend to increase the amount of Factions available in post-release expansions. Is it too early to assume you have an idea what order you'd like to release the ones you have in mind, or do you intend to turn it to the fanbase once you've reached a point where you can begin work on said post-release content?


    2) From what I've seen, some Ork forces are... expendable, armed with packs of explosives and sent willingly to their doom, so long as they take a few dozen others with them. With your stance on F2P Players having a limited capacity to the game, would you find them a likely fit for such a strategically important role, or if this gameplay style is offered for the Orks, would something like this be well suited for those that would actually PREFER to run into the fray with a bag full of armed grenades?


    3) Everyone has their Favorite faction, mine happens to shockingly be the Space Marines. But what about you, what's YOUR favorite Faction?


    4) I'll cease my questions with this: One of my favorite parts during previous Warhammer 40,000 Video Games is the ability to call in a Tarantula Sentry Gun or some similar piece of automated mechanical masterpiece. You've noted the ability to call in Orbital Strikes with Guild Frigates, so are Sentry Guns something I could also look forward to?


    Thank you all again for taking time to answer our questions.

  • MarshalmatthewMarshalmatthew Member Posts: 2
  • BehaviourDevTeamBehaviourDevTeam WH40k: Eternal CrusadeMember Posts: 38
    Originally posted by materscout
    1. I know this is more of a Planet side MMO but will there be player housing, a place where I can show off my kills, like will I be able to mount heads of people I have killed make things to put into my house and so forth
    See the previous answer!  TLDR: Yes, something like this. :)
    1.  What are you planes on guilds/clans and the like will they have a clan house or ship (sense the there is space we could have a droop ship :D )
    See previous as well!
    1. Will it be on open world
    Steven: SO open.  Bigger than Skyrim....
    David: ... or Planetside 2!
    1. What do you have in the works for upgrades, via weapon’s and cosmetics


    Brent: The Weapon Upgrade System is going to be extensive!  We're actually iterating on the designs for this now.  Send your questions on twitter @Ezekielknight (Michael Chan) who is in charge of this feature!

    For cosmetics, we want to give as many options as we can get away with, while preserving performance.


  • imunrealimunreal Member UncommonPosts: 21
    I know that the game is being mostly about PVP but I love my PVE content (such as dungeons/instances/raids) will we see any of this?
  • BehaviourDevTeamBehaviourDevTeam WH40k: Eternal CrusadeMember Posts: 38
    Originally posted by materscout
    1. Can I upgrade the weapon’s let’s say from a cannon to a mortar?  And how can you upgrade them so they can shoot farther, will it be a skill basses or is it just buy an attachment and your ready to go?

    Brent: Yes you can upgrade weapons, but you probably won't be able to change a weapon into a different weapon.  For example, if you wanted to shoot farther, you would attach an upgrade to your barrel.

  • UnbihexiumUnbihexium Member Posts: 1

    1. Will there be systems for transporting finite resources like ammo and medicine for player use, or will there be a player class that can drop infinite ammo resupplies and a healer unit?

    2.If there is no quick healing and no health regeneration, how will injured players recover health?

    3. Seriously, please give us at least something. We've been waiting for gameplay footage since the end of last month. We're not too picky, promise!

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