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should the whole connected world go back to school ? (yes)

drbaltazardrbaltazar Member UncommonPosts: 7,856

ok I read an article in the journal de montreal this week- end and artist were complaining ,here is one exemple that was given

the person is an artist a bit popular (for our part of the world) so to get as live reaction as possible  you can all know where this went !

she met critic ,nvm the specific ,those artist were literally complaining about freedom of speech ! yep they want regulation . for that artist im like why you go to the net if you don't want real time reaction ,you only want the positive critic and long story short this braught one question to me that I feel this or any other site should try to tackle :


how do you critic positively and constructively something you are against and not be considered a troll or whatever new acronym people come up with ?


  • cydoneqcydoneq Member UncommonPosts: 66
    because there cant handle it but also thinking their know everything

  • rainbowdashunicornrainbowdashunicorn Member Posts: 12
    There's that part of our brain that makes us refuse to learn and another part letting us think we learned it already...the willingness to learn decreases as the brain ages. Though it differs from person to person...others may even retain that high level of willingness to learn.
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