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Saints 3G - A Christian Squadron (Now Recruiting)

Jao_ThaunJao_Thaun Member UncommonPosts: 11

Saints 3G is a Christian Gaming Community with over 300 members. We started out over 4 years ago in SWTOR but have since moved on to other games including REPOP, LOTRO, GW2, STO, & MWO. Our guild is unlike any other Christian guild out there. We provide members with a safe, family-friendly environment, clean forums and voice comms, and lasting friendships with other like-minded believers. We have a website, blog site, TeamSpeak 3 server, Minecraft server, weekly Bible studies, and a committed staff who love the people they serve. Our guild is highly organized and also very helpful and welcoming to new members. We cater to both the casual and competitive gamer and have made some world-first and server-first accomplishments in prior games.

We will be playing Star Citizen and want to invite you to join the Saints Squadron and explore the universe with other Christians where you will experience a caring, well-established gaming community, help with your space endeavors, scheduled events, strong alliances, Christian fellowship, and so much more. And while waiting for Star Citizen to launch, you can join us in The Repopulation.

Click here to visit our Fleet and join the Saints Squadron!

Check out our How To Know thread here


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