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Which Indie/Kickstarter games are you supporting and looking forward to?



  • CrashrollCrashroll Member UncommonPosts: 60

    The ones I've backed:

    Castle Story - As described by many others, voxel-based freebuild strategy something something...

    Shroud of the Avatar - You all know this one, Garriotts new project.

    Camelot Unchained - It's the spiritual successor of this game called Dark Age of Camelot...yeah, I've never heard of that one either.

    Frontiers - Exploration, adventuring...suits for someone like me, who gets distracted by a butterfly, when fighting a dragon.

    Massive Chalice - No idea what this is....damn my ability to remember my credit card number even when I'm too drunk to move my eyes.

    7 Days to Die - Another voxel-based sandbox...but with ZOMBIES!

    Shades of Sanity - Unfortunately failed to fund...notice the correct use of the word "fail". ^^

    Epic Space (expansion) - Very interesting game, yet doesn't seem very popular...something between EVE and FTL.

    The Phoenix Project - City of Titans - Rebirth of City of Heroes/Villains..."Shut up and take my money" could not be more suitable phrase here.


    Wow, that's quite a list. Perhaps I need help, Backers Anonymous?

    Not tonight dear...I have a haddock!

  • darker70darker70 Member UncommonPosts: 804

    I wonder if there is such a thing as KS backers anonymous if so I will need to join it also just backed this funded little beauty from Leafy games they wanted 40k got it with 23 days left nice !!


    Pulsar (The Lost Colony)  A space based single or 5 man co-op multi players/ship control/combat rogue like game with FPS  exploration thrown in !!  ,think FTL in 3D. image


    So far backed this little lot have the usual suspects and a few indie minnows to shake up the mix as well in no particular order here we go.

    SC,Elite Dangerous,Limit Theory,The Repopulation,7 days to die,Planet Explorers,Stonehearth,Shroud of the Avatar,Frontiers.

    Also backed Divergence on Indiegogo as well.

    Still watching The Mandate with interest as well.

  • BMBenderBMBender Member UncommonPosts: 827

    Which/Kickstarter games are you supporting and looking forward to?"

    0   I don't do scams.  If someone wants investment capital there are legit ways to obtain it.

  • CrashrollCrashroll Member UncommonPosts: 60

    Thanks Darker!

    Now I have to add The Mandate to the list as well.

    Well I wasn't planning on eating in the coming months anyway.

    Not tonight dear...I have a haddock!

  • Niall18Niall18 Member Posts: 31
    Theres only one for me & thats Trials of Acension. Open world Sandbox where we the players get to make up the world and all that other good stuff, Its the only winner in my book lol.

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  • ElRenmazuoElRenmazuo Member RarePosts: 5,361
    Originally posted by BMBender

    Which/Kickstarter games are you supporting and looking forward to?"

    0   I don't do scams.  If someone wants investment capital there are legit ways to obtain it.

    None of the games I have listed are a scam.  You can play Planet Explorers right now in beta test if you wanted. 

  • furbansfurbans Member UncommonPosts: 968

    Don't think it's been mention, but for me it's Pathfinder Online.  Not exactly a kickstarter game since all the kickstarted did was speed up the development process as the bulk of the funding will be done by Paizo or whatever investors.

    Ones that I'm looking forward to are Tides of Numeria, Project Eternity, Wastelands 2.

  • furbansfurbans Member UncommonPosts: 968
    Originally posted by BMBender

    Which/Kickstarter games are you supporting and looking forward to?"

    0   I don't do scams.  If someone wants investment capital there are legit ways to obtain it.

    Scams just like donating to your Police Dept for widows of Police Officers that fall in the line of duty?

    It's a fundraiser to procure funds for an end goal.  Nothing scam abut kickstarter.  Sure some turn out terribad but others are well worth the effort and money.

  • aspekxaspekx Member UncommonPosts: 2,167

    im cheap, im waiting for a steam sale on Castle Defenders.


    i have invested in The Dead Linger: its definitely an early alpha, especially since they switched engines from Ogre to Unity. but their ability to even code and work with Ogre combined with consistent updates, a clearly delineated development plan, plus their regular interaction with the community put me at ease with them.


    i am also invested in Realm Explorers: while its a procedurally generated voxel world like so many others, the developers are intent on providing quite a bit of server side game control, such as using the basic mechanics they provide to outline classes or skill types for the server you run. while these guys are clearly not up on the marketing/social interaction bit, they are clearly solid coders with a real gamer's eye for development.


    the only one im currently uneasy  about is Star Forge but don't ask me why, i just have a feeling. other than that the evidence suggests that they are continuing to bring functionality one solid step at a time.


    other than those above you all have sadly contributed to my list of want to have games!



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    A finite game is played for the purpose of winning,
    an infinite game for the purpose of continuing play."
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  • ThomasN7ThomasN7 CommonPosts: 6,690

    1. Star Citizen

    2. Shroud of the Avatar

  • -Zeno--Zeno- Member CommonPosts: 1,298


    CLAUS is back!  He created DF1.0 and then left the company.  He has come back and created the Jesus patch that happened last week.  We believe in Claus!

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