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Making Gil tips?

shakermaker0shakermaker0 Member UncommonPosts: 194

Does anyone have any tips for making gil? Which reagents sell we'll at auction etc.




  • tommygunzIItommygunzII Member Posts: 321

    The easiest way to make money without a crafting job in this game if you have a lvl 45 character in my opinion is to buy jewelry (level 45) for your character (neck, wrists, and rings) fill them with tier I materia (seems to help target the materia you want) go run dungeons and get spirt to 100% then convert them. 


    I'm 50 GSM and do this all of the time. The materia I got from my 4 pieces crafting jewelry last night was 3 Crafters command III and 1 Crafters competence III, totaling close to 200k for those 4 materia.


    Even with high level dungeon gear I'll equip my made jewelry to do AK runs, after 2-3 runs the spirit is 100% and a few of them could turn out to be 50k a piece materia. I can make money whenever, but this seems to be a good way for those that cant to stay productive and still make money.


    Also dungeons like Sunken Temple and The Wanderers Palace drop items that sell for over 50k at times. Do your homework, I think it's those dungeons that drop items like Aelion Scimitar* and Coliseum Shaw.

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  • RidelynnRidelynn Member EpicPosts: 7,381

    I was doing Rk3 Materia for a bit, but the market is crashing now. There are a few pieces that still sell ok, but for the price of the source L45 items, I've just been breaking even lately, and with the next round looking at actually loosing money, so I'm stopping until the market stabilizes a bit more.

    There is still a good market for particular crafting items, but they are profitable for a reason - dropped by very few mobs/very low drop rate, and typically permafarmed by some L50 AOEers.

    Philosophy tradeskill items sell well, but seeing as how you also use Philos for Darklite armor, and they only come from a few L50 dungeons in relatively low supply - that won't be a real viable money source until your pretty well kitted out with darklite in the first place, and there's a good chance that market could get crushed if newer dungeons also drop philos or some other change happens to disrupt the philo economy.

    Melding is nice income - it takes no material on your part, and you get tipped fairly well. You do have to get your crafting up to par though, and the big money is pretty well only there at L50.

    Seems some guilds are making money by selling off runs through gated quest content (Hard Mode primals, in particular). I think this is borderline unscrupulous, especially considering the amount of money they are charging, but there's nothing against the TOS/EULA about it, so more power to them. A Titan HM run is going for a quarter million on my server right now... and for most players, if you save every dime you had from leveling, that would just about be 250k... which makes me think they are reinforcing the black gil market.

    The best source of income, imho, is still the sidequest rewards, and choosing the money (bags of metal) rewards instead of gear. But those can only be done once.

  • JustsomenoobJustsomenoob Member UncommonPosts: 880

    There's plenty of ways to make money selling things to other players.


    I'm curious where the money is going to come from some months down the road though.   It feels like before long more gil is going to be leaving the game than entering it.   It's not like people are going to keep cranking out the new accounts and doing the 1 time quests to keep up with this.



  • SephirosoSephiroso Member RarePosts: 2,020
    sell HM titan runs. 200k each. gogo

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  • svannsvann Member RarePosts: 2,230
    For a while there you could buy crafting items off the vendor and put them up for sale at 10x vendor price.  Its just easier for some people to do a search on the market board rather than looking for it on vender, and I guess they dont mind paying extra.  Not sure if that still works.  At some point it started to seem like not enough money to bother with, but at first it seemed really great.
  • teknotazteknotaz Member UncommonPosts: 112
    i am buying stuff off the AH and selling them to the vendor cause people do not look at vendor price on the item they just made.


  • twruletwrule Member Posts: 1,251
    I haven't so much as glanced at the market board yet, but among ways to get gil that *don't* involve playing the market, doing tradecraft leves seems to be a big, consistent one, especially since some leves actually reward rare crafting materials in addition to sums of gil, and they are great xp for crafting classes while you are leveling those anyway. I haven't seen a better use of guildleve allowances in the game so far...
  • chaosmaster99chaosmaster99 Newbie CommonPosts: 3
    Some time ago I started playing this game. I spend a lot of time earning currency. Does anyone know any quick way to get the right amount of Gil?
  • masterofchaos99masterofchaos99 Newbie CommonPosts: 3
    Since I started working, I don't have time for long farming currency. now the games i need some currency i buy it. for example here you can buy very cheap currency for this game:
  • JungleHeartJungleHeart Newbie CommonPosts: 23
    You should generally do primals and roulettes on a daily basis. If you skip a few days, that's fine, but these are generally easy activities (primals, may be not so much if you do not have the phase rotations to a clockwork, but you should soon).

    Second on your priority are Hand and Land jobs for both gathering and crafting, then selling stuff on the market board. Things will be slow to start since your earnings here will account for the materials you have first (so your gross needs to be deducted with your material expenses - unless you farmed them all) but if you do this with your dailies regularly in a sustained rate, you should be raking in gils and gils soon.

    Some more valid tips here:

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