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The girl who loves me....

IchbenIchben Member UncommonPosts: 296

She says she worries about me and this makes me happy yet strangely sad because I don't WANT her to worry about me. I don't want her to be scared because I love her. I love her beauty and her hair.


She loves me in a way that is pure and sweet. As pure and sweet as the sweetest apple in the galaxy. The sweetest tree in the world. I love this girl bad because she knows me in ways others find mysterious and sometimes downright strange. She knows me yet she loves me just the same despite my flaws, my imperfections and my dirty little secrets I keep hidden under my bed in fear of them being discovered by those who do not like me. Those who wish me harm.


I wonder if she would love me if she knew who I really was? Would she show the same concern and worry if she knew I were a fraud masquerading around town as if I were a very important person? Would she continue to love me or would she leave me for a better person and a better man. A man devoid of secrets. A man devoid of fears.


I do not know the answers to these questions but I know right here and now she loves me and her worries are genuine and I am grateful for her kindness and her compassion.


As I write these words a thought crosses my mind. Will this fairy tale of love last forever? When will I have to face the piper and the red monster standing in the corner of the room awaiting my acknowledgment of his presence and my fear. Will her love and our bond be powerful enough to rid myself and my soul of the demons lying in wait at the foot of my bed, waiting to attack me in the middle of the night. Waiting to pound me with their might? 


She worries about me and I think about her. The girl who loves me, the girl with the beautiful hair.


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