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Times of Devchats to listen in .

usually there are dev chats once a week from watching Pen of the Avatar to discussions on content where anyone can sit in at 


also on live on site irc chat devs like lord british will give updates on there progress at 10:00 am central every work day.


  • chrisbcarrchrisbcarr Member Posts: 5

    Next -  PotA - June 25 @ 3pm CST]"

    Pen Of The Avatar" where Stephen Daniels draws ingame assets live


  • chrisbcarrchrisbcarr Member Posts: 5

    This Friday (the 28th at 10am PT), Lord British will be joining Jon Mavor (of Uber Entertainment and Planetary Annihilation) and Eric Anderson (of Planetary Resources and the ARKYD Kickstarter) for an Epic meeting of the game world and the space world. Lord British will discuss updates to Shroud of the Avatar, his experience as an astronaut, and why ARKYD is an impossibly good cause to support, with a special in-show announcement for live viewers. Tune in live from the Planetary Resources Google+ page and ask Lord British anything!





  • chrisbcarrchrisbcarr Member Posts: 5
    Thursday, August 15th from 3 to 3:30 pm CST for Hangout of the Avatar. As you know, crafting will be a vital part of Shroud of the Avatar, and Richard "Lord British" Garriott will be sharing some of our latest progress on the crafting system. As always, they'll have the link for you 15 minutes prior to broadcast.
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