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Returning... maybe

JsnD1JsnD1 Member UncommonPosts: 16


After hopping from mmo to mmo for awhile I am thinking about returning to DAoC.  

When Dark age of Camelot was released I jumped in and loved it.  Unfortunately, I could not get any of my real life friends to make the leap with me and as a result I returned to EQ.  That has been many years ago now.  I don't need the latest graphics to enjoy a game, but I am wondering on what kind of activity I can expect.  Is this game done?  Will a noob have any fun?  

Well, I'm going to roll a Thane and see what heppens.  If there is an active community out there let me know.  I'm not loyal to midgard, and may roll a different toon if I find a good community to become a part of.



  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 43,745
    I've returned to DAOC as well but am playing an old school version of it (circa 2003) but we don't speak openly of such things here.

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  • SolicfireSolicfire Member UncommonPosts: 484

    DAoC is still alive and kicking. We got a healthy population on the ywain servers of about 1500-1700 on at EU and US primetime. I'm currently playing on hib and we have a really nice friendly community in guild and alliance. We are always active and looking for returners and fresh blood.

    We do our regular Sunday PvE nite for the Hibernia realm which you probably noticed the post below this one. If you are interested in starting up a toon on Hib. Look up The Order of Chaos are we're get you into the guild. We have about 30-50 members on a nite in are guild and also have 90-120 peeps online during EU and US primetime.

    Any questions then please let me know!


    The Order of Chaos web site:

    Facebook Page:

  • ringdanyringdany Member UncommonPosts: 189
    I tried classic DAOC this year! It's a great server+game. But.. I decided I didn't like the skating animation when you attack and move. So I went with Champions of Regnum which does not have the skating animation, is f2p, and has 3 realm RvR pvp like DAOC. Simple very active mmorpg. Lots of wars.
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