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Did they fix hunters yet?

fistormfistorm Member UncommonPosts: 868
I was wondering if they fixed hunters yet, I remember shortly after ROI when I left they were pretty broken and needed alot of dev love.   Did they add another major role for hunters besides dps yet?


  • trancejeremytrancejeremy Member UncommonPosts: 1,222

    No, but when Helm's Deep comes out they are completely revamping all the classes.


    Instead of how traits and such work now, they are changing it to a skill tree system like other MMORPGs.


    I have doubts they will actually fix anything, but at least it should be different.

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  • avalon1000avalon1000 Member UncommonPosts: 791

    Hunters are fine. The problem with LOTRO is it's an aging game and seems very dated now. The combat is not as good as the newer mmo's (I feel very detached in LOTRO combat now). Combat on my Captain is seriously slow motion combat. I doubt this will be fixed in HD, but we shall see. Quests like kill x numbers of these, etc on and on are getting very old. GW2 changed the rules and now people want dynamic content. 


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