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Question about a shadow build

I created a Jedi shadow I bought the explorers guide. In it it says a shadow with a tank build uses strength and endurance. The dps is willpower  and I get that. So I'm building strength and endurance armoring and moding with willpower. I do great in open world when I attack but pvp with out a healer I have some trouble. Is anyone else doing anything close to this or have any suggestions. 


  • bobfishbobfish Member UncommonPosts: 1,679

    Shadow's don't use Strength, whether you are tank or DPS, the Shadow only uses Willpower (and Endurance for health).


    PvP you will always have an issue without a healer, but if you are Kinetic in the abilities tree, the tank line, then you get some good defensive passives and abilities. Make sure you're in the right combat stance as well.


    Definitely read the SWTOR forum for Shadows, whilst MMO forums tend to be dire, there is a LOT of useful information within the class forums and the Shadow/Assassin players are quite friendly and helpful.

  • DavynelordDavynelord Member Posts: 122

    The best thing you can do to learn all about shadow is go to the official forums and read up on the class.   Free players can't post but they can view all the threads including the test server threads so you can see what upcoming changes are coming (2.4 patch will be coming in october).


    Overall, you can check out the following links for more info on your class...has something for both PVE and PVP, also overall stat priorities and skill rotations as well as good info on playing warzones...


    Zabuza's PVP Tanking Encyclopedia




    Shinarika - Shadow Breaker [Ultimate Jedi Shadow/Sith Assassin Guide]



    Also if you want to see video's just do a youtube search, plenty of swtor vids around that teach you everything you need to know about any class.

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