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Achaea: Two Gods arise after the destruction of Bal'met

ErgloadErgload Member UncommonPosts: 433

I play a game called Achaea where the staff often hosts live RP events, the outcomes of which are usually effected by player participation. Prior to this event, the city of Shallam was blown up by the minions of Bal'met, a terrible and ancient God bent on destruction. He then began turning his destruction on the other cities of Achaea. Players from every faction, whether Good or Evil, united to destroy this great threat. When Bal'met was slain, a new city of Good rose called Targossas, and two new Gods were introduced to the game, Aurora and Deucalion:image


Under a crystal clear sky on the fifth of Glacian in the year 633 AF, Aurora and Deucalion appeared before an assembly of Devotion users and Faithful on a cliff overlooking the ruins of Shallam.


After briefly greeting the crowd, the Bloodsworn Gods spoke on serious matters.


They noted that much had changed in the time between Their disappearance centuries ago and Their recent return in the battle against Bal'met, the Worldreaver.


"The teachings which We set into place have become diluted with age, and the tenets and understandings are misguided, causing confusion and a distinct lack of cohesion," warned the Righteous Fire.


Pulling no punches, the Lightbringer continued, saying, "Much of the blame falls at the feet of Our Predecessors, that They watched as devotionists fractured, splits and cracks forming as many left the home of Devotion itself."


The Gods firmly stated that Targossas shall ever be the home of Good and Devotion, but made clear that They would allow devotionists to remain outside her walls. However, this brought Them to the Lumeni, a group of devotionists that had stayed outside the traditional organizations of Good, primarily Cyrenian in membership.


Neither the Lightbringer nor the Righteous Fire had seen evidence that this group was correctly instructing devotionists in the ways of Good that they would be able to protect Creation, the primary goal of any who would wield that power. To this end They abolished the group, dissolving it at that very moment.


In its place, They created the Diaspora under the leadership of a council of three, headed by the Deacon of Celestia. Beholden only to the Gods of Good Themselves but not to any other organization, the Diaspora would stand as a gathering for all devotionists who chose not to make their home in Targossas. Within, those well learned in the ways of Good would teach those who may not otherwise receive the proper instruction.


From that moment, They gave all devotionists three years to choose either to join the Diaspora or else be Excommunicated and stripped of their Devotion.


A stern, cold look in Her eyes, Aurora concluded, "You have the chance you wanted. You may stay with your kin. You may keep the blessing of Devotion within you. You do not have to join Targossas. But, you will join the Diaspora."


With that, The Bloodsworn inducted the Imperiate first into the Diaspora and departed, confident that Their Faithful would gather those from across the lands and bring them firmly into the fold, teaching them the truth of the Glory of Creation.


  • Swedish_ChefSwedish_Chef Member Posts: 213

    As much as I respect the good old days of text-only games and all the grues, white houses, and mailboxes they represent, I just don't see an excuse for it anymore. I'm not saying a game has to have cutting edge graphics to be fun & engaging, but this is the twenty-first century, and like it or not there are standards which should be met.

    Also the game is forced RP. Sorry, although RP can be a lot of fun, there are days when I don't feel like participating in it. Being punished or even banned for OOC chatter (even tells) is far too extreme for my tastes, as well as those of most people.

    Finally, if you want to advertise your game here, you can buy space (or reviews) like anyone else.

    Have a good day now.

  • ErgloadErgload Member UncommonPosts: 433
    Iunno dude some people are still hardcore into MUDs. I know there's like 300+ people logged in right now. It's not entirely forced RP, just on public channels, you can talk about FFXIV or League of Legends all you want in private clans. Also it's not my game, I'm a player and I was posting some RP storyline stuff in the RP section.
  • DeivosDeivos Member EpicPosts: 3,692

    You really shouldn't post these types of things on public forums.


    Now I'm gonna be stuck for at least the next few days reading everything about this game and then trying it out. Been missing out on a game with narrative I can be involved in.


    So I blame you if my free time is consumed by having fun with this. >_>

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