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A question about Skyrim..

CorileannaCorileanna Member UncommonPosts: 94

Hi, I bought Skyrim about a year ago i think, and I haven't got too far in it, but I have around 15 or 16 mods, and the game is still rather unresponsive  when fighting and just seems slow paced. Is there a way to fix that? Could it be caused by the mods? (I checked the compatibility on each mod and didn't mix any they didn't recommend, could have messed up, but I'm new to all this and don't understand how it all works.)  I don't remember playing without the mods. I can get a list of my mods too, if that helps.



Achieve That!, Alternate Start - Live Another Life,  Amazing Follower Tweaks,  Bandolier,  Better Dynamic Snow,  Brumagneian Race,  Categorized Favorites Menu, Combat Morale, Custom Difficulty, Deadly Combat, Dodge Mod, Enhanced Dynamic Weather System, Falskaar, Followers can relax, HQ Snow Texture, Race Menu, Shooting Stars, Skills Config, Sky UI, Unofficial Patches, Warzones Civil Unrest,  Wearable Lanterns, WyldTats- War Paint.


Also in case it's the mods being too much for my computer; here is my spec:

HP: Windows 7, 6 GB Ram, AMD (Vision) A6-3600 with Radeon HD 2.10 Ghz {Not sure what else you'd need to know.}



  • muffins89muffins89 Member UncommonPosts: 1,585
    thats just how the combat is.  slower paced.  its not a button masher.
  • CorileannaCorileanna Member UncommonPosts: 94
    Oh, hmm, okay. Thanks, I'll just have to try slower games for awhile, so that i don't want gameplay like Kingdoms of Amalur.
  • ClassicstarClassicstar Member UncommonPosts: 2,697

    Skyrim is not a fast pace game its an RPG that you slowly explore and learn no need for fast gameplay.

    As for your specs its low and i would not install to many demanding mods like graphic enhancements.

    I dunno if you play through steam or nexus but always check you laod order and if posible check it with boss for getting the right laod order and edit for bad files so you wont crash.

    Go to nexus site for more info on how to get a better smooth and running game and the right mods to improve on that.

    Skyrim is awesome game becouse of 30 thousends+ mods to choose from.

    Have fun.

    Next game to wait for is The Witcher 3!!!

    Hope to build full AMD system RYZEN/VEGA/AM4!!!

    MB:Asus V De Luxe z77
    CPU:Intell Icore7 3770k
    GPU: AMD Fury X(waiting for BIG VEGA 10 or 11 HBM2?(bit unclear now))
    MEMORY:Corsair PLAT.DDR3 1866MHZ 16GB
    PSU:Corsair AX1200i
    OS:Windows 10 64bit

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