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Why Sony PS4 is Superior to Xbox One.



  • ThomasN7ThomasN7 CommonPosts: 6,690
    Originally posted by tkreep
    Originally posted by ThomasN7
    People only buying a PS4 because it is cheaper. I feel sorry for PS4 fans because they will be getting crappy exclusives compared to what the Xbox One is getting. 

    In the history of PS3 and 360, PS3 had the best exclusives.  So im pretty sure it will be the same for PS4.  I still havent seen one exclusive for the Xbox One that makes it worth spending 500 for, some of them look cool but still nothing amazing.  Titanfall has a cool ideas with the mechs but it is reduced to being only a lobby multi-player shooter and Killer Instincts just looks like a Street Fighter 4 clone down to its graphics/art style.  Majority of the best games are multi-platform even Mass Effect series.  I feel sorry for the xbox fans for being forced to spend a hundred dollars extra for a peripheral (kinect) that majority of triple A games wont even use and even if it did most hardcore gamers doesnt like it because the games turn out to be like Star Wars Kinect.  At least with PS4 I have the choice to buy the playstation eye which has the same functions like voice recognition and facial/hand recognition commands.

    On top of that PS4 will get Planetside 2 and prolly EQ Next later down the line.  Sony still havent even revealed all the exclusives PS4 is getting, they only revealed like 5 out 40.  The only exclusive that actually looked impressive on Xbox One was the next Dead Rising.  And even in the 5 revealed 3 of those titles looked more worth it than majority of the ones on Xbox One, like Infamous Second Son, Killzone Shadowfall, and Order 1886.  Plus im looking forward to the next gen sequels of Uncharted, Last of Us and Beyond Two Souls.

    That is old news. This is a whole new ball game now and right now the Xbox One's exclusives are far superior compared to the PS4's. Games is what matters most.

  • tixylixtixylix Member UncommonPosts: 1,288
    Only Americans care about the 360.
  • xpowderxxpowderx Member UncommonPosts: 2,078
    Originally posted by mechromancer589

    This is just too funny. Way to argue like your going to win.









    P.S. citing the Wii U is like bringing a knife to a gun fight

    I know right? PS4 already has beat out Xbox One! PS4 is already sold out EVERYWHERE!! Any Joe Shmoe with money can buy a Xbox One. Here you go! Amazons,com Videogame Top sellers!

    Even with PS4's sold out til after Christmas.PS4 is one handed beating out Xbox!  While im sure Xbox One will make some ground due to the PS4 being sold out.  The aspirations and arguments are mute when actual sales are shown! Sony WON.. Microsoft loss! Another tidbit!

    Good Luck!

  • rojoArcueidrojoArcueid Member EpicPosts: 10,722

    no matter which console is superior i will have a PS4 and a PC. When Xbox One price drops a few years later i will buy one for the exclusives, that is for sure.


    One thing i find very very funny i read a couple days ago on the news. Kinect's voice commands will only work in 5 countries at launch (despite it supporting about 8 languages at launch and the console launching in 13 countries on day 1)...... There you have a mandatory piece of brick attached to your console that rises the cost by $100 and you cant even use it properly. Not only i would have to pay for a piece of device i dont want, but after i get it i cant even use it.... lol Micro$oft, just lol. 

  • SkogSonSkogSon Member Posts: 59

    In the end I think it is basicly going to come down to it being about the exclusive releases for respective consols. And from what i have seen so far, PS4 has superior exclusives heading their way. Like the one i linked. Wathed a live demo of it on gamescon running of a dev kit ps4 and truly it blew my mind!

    I missed so many games because I bought 360 last time around. Not doing that again just because they have "party games"

    Free to live, Free to play!

  • duiLucidduiLucid Member Posts: 46
    I'm buying both... so, don't care.
  • RizelStarRizelStar Member UncommonPosts: 2,773

    It really does feel good that I will be gaming on ps4, xbox one, and maybe wii U just for exclusives.I game on PC now though so really only getting for sure both consoles for couch use and exclusives mainly.


    Thoughon topic  PS4 does seem to be the best option for console gaming.



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  • GrunchGrunch Member Posts: 493

    Yeah man, unplugging the Kinect must be tough.


    I like everything about the PS except the controllers. They blow.

    "I'm sorry but your mmo has been diagnosed with EA and only has X number of days to live."

  • NadiaNadia Member UncommonPosts: 11,798

    the PS Vita TV announcement is a nice perk for PS4


    Sony PlayStation Vita TV: Microconsole hits Japan in November for under $100, streams video and PS4 games

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