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[Column] Warhammer 40.000: Eternal Crusade: Speculating on the Orks



  • EhliyaEhliya Member UncommonPosts: 219
    Whad bout th' GROTZ!  
  • WaizerWaizer Member Posts: 125

    I agree with what has been previously said in regards to ork shooting, best way to deal with it imo is to just have a bigger bullet spread when on full auto and an initial small area a bullet can hit with the first shot.

    The latter point I think is very important as otherwise if the first shot is pin point accurate you will just end up with a horde of boyz on a ridge line taking pot shots at marines with single shot bursts rather than charging into the fray to, "hit em humies wiv der choppa's" ;)

  • guy232guy232 Member UncommonPosts: 346
    load up da wartrukk with some Boyz and get to stompin 



  • AbisbowaAbisbowa Member UncommonPosts: 91

    So it looks like the classes for the Orks are:

    Meganob, Stormboy, Loota, and Mek. Then the F2P Boy.

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