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Yoshi-P cries and apologizes.



  • KnaveSkyeKnaveSkye Member UncommonPosts: 136
  • sudosudo Member UncommonPosts: 697

    Yoshi is a great man. He deserves my respect and my money.

    I will stick to FFXIV through the harsh times and give it a fair chance to make things right.

    "Only in quiet waters do things mirror themselves undistorted.
    Only in a quiet mind is adequate perception of the world."
    Hans Margolius

  • TheHavokTheHavok Member UncommonPosts: 2,423
    Yoshi put on a good show.  Now he's gonna bang the bejesus out of 1:52 and 2:22.
  • MothanosMothanos Member UncommonPosts: 1,910

    Naoki Yoshida every mmo launch has problems i been playing for 2 decades, there wasnt one mmo that had a perfect launch, maybe a good launch with less problems but still disconnects or server offline or whatever shit happens when thousands of people try to log in.

    In a month no one will talk about this and keep playing as it never happend.
    I realy like this man, he is honest, he cares, he loves gaming, and he loves what he does.
    Give this man some credit, i am 1000% sure hhe and his team is working his ass off to fix everything.

    just watched the tube vid and it broke my hearth to see a lead developer ccrying.
    +10 for this man and i will support him untill the end.

  • SinakuSinaku Member UncommonPosts: 547

    I dont know why I am surprised at all of you complaining that you haven't gotten to play because of server issues at launch. Like how many MMOs have you played? How many of them at launch were 100% perfect, good to go, no problems at all?

    Grow up, a few hours to a few days max and you will be able to play. Yeah it sucks you miss your head start and whatever but to rip into a game/company for that is childish at best.

    "Blah blah blah I paid money to be able to play, I should get free time." No, you shouldn't get any free time. It is hard to predict how servers will react to a flood and very very few can withstand the amount of numbers pouring into them right now. Take a chill pill and you will forget about this in a month when your sub runs out.

  • ZenTaoYingYangZenTaoYingYang Member Posts: 354

    Naoki Yoshida is a PHENOM in the gaming industry and that is putting it lightly. The reason I got interested in this game in the first place was him, and I was only looking at it from a business case prospective. but if you have been following him and how unorthodox yet intelligent he is, you will begin to respect the man.

    I can only say what he made is truly a master piece of MMORPG that we will remember him 10 years later  like we remembered his old game bomber man.

  • DzoneDzone Member UncommonPosts: 371

    Yoshi has really balanced this game well. For example, my first class I just did the quest tredmill while I worked on the main storyline, but when I went to level my 2nd class I did it totally different. I ran around doing the fate's and hunting log.


    Its really nice how you can level different ways with different classes, or level the same way. It's really up to you. I feel like i'll be playing this one as much as I did ffxi.


    The fact that its sub based with no cash shop + the holy trinity + variety of ways to level + the genious of the armory system being able to set up sets for all the different classes and store them. Yep all those things is awesome in my book, and I've not gotten that much freedom in any other mmo I've played.


    I'll definatly be giving this game the time, cause I know down the road the server issue will be a thing of the past and it will just get better all round.


    Great job to Yoshi and hes crew, the login issues is only a minor set back, this game is worth the wait to get in for those that are unfortunate atm. Just give it time, all will end well i'm sure of that :)

  • EvilGeekEvilGeek Member UncommonPosts: 1,256

    Next week sees an increase in capacity, means we've still got the mini game of Start>Character Select>Log in>Server Full(1017)>rinse & repeat until then *sigh*. It's a real shame because it's one of the best engines I've ever played, the game play, while nothing new is solid and loads of fun, it's a thoroughly charming world. It's a fantastic game just a real shame about the server problems.

    They really do need to implement that AFK kick ASAP if they want to decrease the bad press.

  • HappyThoughtsHappyThoughts Member Posts: 22

    Nobody tell the QQ squad that they already got an advance on their free game time.  I know that I preordered with about 10 hours left in the head start and now ive been bumped up to 33 days of in game time.

    Willing to bet if the servers are unplayable this week they will fix it again for people who didn't sign up for early access.


  • JeroKaneJeroKane Member RarePosts: 6,232
    Originally posted by Seelinnikoi

    There is no excuse.


    If other MMOs can have little to no problems, why didnt they do?


    Look at Rift's launch, I think it was the most polished ever!

    This is a relaunch! I honestly think they really didn´t expect this huge interest in the game after all those years of bad press due to Version 1.0.

    We will see how it goes after the weekend when the New hardware is up and running.

    Both AION and Diablo 3 had insane Queues for weeks and let´s not even start about SW:TOR! where they opened up so many servers that we ended up With over a 100 ghost towns after the first month or two. /shrug

    So I really hope SE isn´t going to open up tons of News servers, but instead tries to expand the capacity of the existing 25 NA/EU servers. Tho, the EU data center can use a couple extra new servers. 6 is way too little.

  • Crazy_StickCrazy_Stick Member Posts: 1,059
    ... Damn. Compared to what I am used to from groups like EA, War Z team,  et all this makes me want to go buy FF ARR earlier than I normally would consider just to support some honest passion for work in the industry again.
  • ArskaaaArskaaa Member RarePosts: 1,247
    GW2 dev team should cry too...
  • IfrianMMOIfrianMMO Member UncommonPosts: 248

    It´s funny how people call this "OMFG  LIEK WORST LAUNCH EVUR!!11"

    Have you guys already forgotten about the disaster of the Tera EU launch already?

    Not only there were lots of crashes, lag, server restarts and even a small rollback, but about 2000 European players that had pre-ordered the collector edition of the game had to wait for  almost a whole month  to even be able to play because their account system was so screwed up that in their database it looked like we had the access we paid for but the log-in server rejected our credentials.

    It took them almost a whole month to fix and by the time we managed to play everyone was max level and doing endgame content while we had missed the whole launch.

    To crown this beautiful moment, we did not even get our collector edition items because you had to register within a time-frame and because of the server error, our accounts were eventually "resetted" which made us be outside of the promotion time.

    We had to wait till the company sold the game rights to the new one to actually get what was rightfully ours.

    Let´s not even talk about how for 7 months, every single time a specific event occurred, everyone was victim of a massive amount of lag that made the game completely unplayable.....

  • warveganwarvegan Member UncommonPosts: 4

    Lucky he did not commit suicide, Harakiri maybe ??


    So far I love this game even though it's a bit hard to log in

    Well, doesn't matter and I suppose they will fix it since this is just the beginning

  • SwampDragonsSwampDragons Member UncommonPosts: 347
    ffs mmo people you made a grown man cry, I rather think he would go around with a giant stick and smack the people that bitch around, thats what I would do!
  • cheyanecheyane Member EpicPosts: 6,326
    I think he is truly passionate and I am loving the game and playing on Moogle server .I am very much moved by this man.
  • rastapastorrastapastor Member UncommonPosts: 188
  • DragonantisDragonantis Member UncommonPosts: 974

    FFXIV isnt the first game with a bad launch, nor is this the worst launch in MMO history, far from it, the MMO community again like Sharks go into a frenzy at the smallest drop of blood.

    The games finally in a semi-stable situation now soon should be nothing but smooth sailing once they finish their data centre upgrade plan.

  • Crazy_StickCrazy_Stick Member Posts: 1,059
    Originally posted by IfrianMMO

    It´s funny how people call this "OMFG  LIEK WORST LAUNCH EVUR!!11"....



    Get real dude. Any launch you are super hyped for and has issues that keep you from digging in to play is the worst one ever. We are all spoiled, entitled, and allowed to gripe over first world problems. We are soooo lucky man., :)

  • Viper482Viper482 Member EpicPosts: 2,637
    Originally posted by Seelinnikoi

    There is no excuse.


    If other MMOs can have little to no problems, why didnt they do?


    Look at Rift's launch, I think it was the most polished ever!

    People forget actually that Rift had the SAME issue of full servers and thousands of people who could not play. The DIFFERENCE is how they responded....they created multiple servers every hour until the situation was fixed. They merged servers later to make up for it.

    Make MMORPG's Great Again!
  • xpsyncxpsync Member UncommonPosts: 609
    Originally posted by slicknslim88
    Originally posted by r3t3

    And that there is why the game is so AMAZING!!!


    They f'in care, they put their hearts and souls into this game, and it MF shows. This is why myself and countless others are so enamoured with this game.

    Truly, this game is just awesome.   My friend and I are hopelessly addicted to it.  We piss and moan that we can't login, but it doesn't even matter because we are thrilled that this game exists, that our new addiction is here and it's here to stay for a long while.

    I gotta admit i'm a little shocked that this game exists, a new home after all these years, over time had given up. Last time was about 2008 when EQ2 went to crap, i had EQ, SWG and for whatever reason EQ2 was the bomb for me from 2004 to 2008.

    Ever since then it's all been corporate crap games, no love, no soul, just give us monies like wow. And this is why all those games fail, it's all about the money. Speaking of wow though, wow was something to experience when it launched, it was a magical 3 months then it faded, mostly due to the fact my wife was more hooked on it then i was, she was taking days off work just to play, ahhh good times.

    Since 2008 been waiting for a good one, year after year it never came. Probably the last year or more I'd not been playing much of anything, there are good games but none have that magical charm which only come from the love, devotion, the hearts and souls of the developers.

    I started looking into this game and for whatever reason i usually don't check into Final Fantasy probably because i played early console versions and I'm not into those types of games anymore and seriously thought FF11 was kinda like that plus it was just bad timing i was already in love at the time.

    So i start checking into this game only a mere couple weeks ago and the more i looked into the more i felt i had struck gold, little did i know it was a diamond mine.

    It's going to a wonderful journey over the next several years. I'm so grateful i didn't miss this boat.
  • WhiteCrossWhiteCross Member Posts: 120
    Originally posted by Mako482
    Originally posted by Seelinnikoi

    There is no excuse.


    If other MMOs can have little to no problems, why didnt they do?


    Look at Rift's launch, I think it was the most polished ever!

    People forget actually that Rift had the SAME issue of full servers and thousands of people who could not play. The DIFFERENCE is how they responded....they created multiple servers every hour until the situation was fixed. They merged servers later to make up for it.

    The difference is, Trion had a plan. Square Enix...well, i'm not sure if it is lack of planning or lack of ability.

    Everything points toward lack of ability.

  • LizardEgyptLizardEgypt Member UncommonPosts: 333

    > Came home from work yesterday

    > Installed game

    > Got on server with friends

    > Played for a few hours

    > Had zero problems

    > Come on the forums to see people screaming and complaining

    > Conclusion: People have zero lives.

    Currently playing - FF14ARR
    Previous games - SWG, World of Warcraft, ShadowBane, Warhammer, Age of Conan, Darkfall, Planetside Asheron's Call, Everquest, Everquest 2, Too many.

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