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Star Citizen vs. Eve. vs. Elite: Dangerous



  • JakdstripperJakdstripper Member RarePosts: 2,410

    EvE is an amazing game, but it is a slow game. the majority of your time in EvE is spent looking at cool space while jumping from one gate to the next, looking at dots on maps, looking at prices on the market, navigating menus, watching approaching stations, watching blue lasers  probing asteroids, and calculating, calculating, calculating..... the actual fighting is not all that exciting, unless you are in large fleet battles, and even then you are usually so focused on not screwing up the command you are given to really enjoy what's going on.

    the best part of EvE is that it feels like a world. not a game, but a world, and shit gets serious very quick. that in itself get's the juices flowing, but it's more about the risk of losing you stuff you've been farming for months, more than the actual thrill of battle itself.

    EvE it's an acquired taste, but the more you taste it the better is gets.


    the other 2 games are not even out yet, so it's totally pointless to pass judgment. We can only wait and see....

  • Thornz2000Thornz2000 Member Posts: 135

    The main gripe I always have had with Eve is most the weapons are on ball turrets.

    Either your ship is in range or it's not.

    At lead with SC only a few on ball turrets and they can be manned by NPC or another person.


    The world we know is going away
    Look up Agenda 21 as well.

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