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Job system

GreteldaGretelda Member UncommonPosts: 359

Since i am new to this i would appreciate if anyone can explain these to me.

1)is the base class important?since i heard you can level up all jobs on one for example if i pick a gladiator can i level it up to be a summoner or black mage too?also when i choose to be a summoner can i change it later and for example turn into a dragoon?

2)when they say for example for black mage you need thaumaturge at 30 and pugilist at 15 does both have to be on one character or is it something account bound and works if you have 2 characters one lvl 30 and other lvl 15?

3)is server transfer available at launch?also is game region locked?

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most of my posts are just my opinions they are not facts,it is the same for you too.


  • TwistingfateTwistingfate Member Posts: 177

    1. The base class is important for the fact it determines where you start. For example if you make an Arcanist you will start in Lominsa or if you go Lancer you will start in Gridania. This effects the beginning of your characters story. You only need one character because that one character can be any class at any time. Say you want to play as a Gladiator you equip a one handed sword but then say your friend needs help you can equip a wand and become a conjurer and heal him. 


    The classes level independantly of each other so if you get to 20 as a arcanist and switch to lancer you will be level 1. The advanced jobs can be switched as well. For example if you have the Summoner soul gem equipped you can just equip the Dragoon soul gem to switch. 


    2. For job requirements you need to have them on the same character. There are very few cases where you will need more than one character. So for example to become a White mage you need Conjurer 30 and Gladiator 15. So you get to 30 on conjurer and then level up gladiator or any combination of the two. Its a quest to unlock an advanced job so as long as you have the class requirements you are fine.


    Best way to think of the system is that the Classes (Conjurer, Archer, Gladiator etc) are the building blocks you need to unlock the Jobs (White Mage, Summoner, Scholar etc) Jobs tend to be very party focused and are super specialized towards one role. For example a White mage is almost exclusively a healer. So generally if you are leveling doing quests etc youll be using Classes instead of jobs as they allow you to mix and match abilities where a Job restricts you to one role.


    hope it helps



  • GreteldaGretelda Member UncommonPosts: 359
    ty so as i heard having alt is mostly for diversity.

    my top MMOs: UO,DAOC,WoW,GW2

    most of my posts are just my opinions they are not facts,it is the same for you too.

  • RidelynnRidelynn Member EpicPosts: 6,898

    To answer your last question:

    I don't believe server transfers will be available immediately, but they are supposed to be available to all except 1.0 characters very shortly after release. Game is not region locked - there are recommended servers for JP/US/EU, but you can play on any server from any location if you choose to do so.

    And yes, having an alt is mostly for:
    a) Roleplaying or because you want to have a different race or some other vanity reason
    b) extra inventory space (although you can have multiple retainers, so not sure how much value is with that)
    c) You want to see how the other city storylines begin.

    Since you can have every class and unlock every job on a single character, it makes alts kinda just a charasmiatic thing.

    As far as your starting class: just pretty much determines what you start with for the tutorial and what city you start in. You can start picking up other classes as soon as you finish your L10 class quest, and by the time your Level 15 and unlock the airship, you have easy access to every class in the game. L15 comes pretty quick - a couple of casual afternoons. By the time your level 15, the storyline quests from the cities all merge anyway... the first 15 levels amount to basically Chapter 1 of a novel in the storyline, and they all come to the same conclusion and end result with a similar plot line, so you don't really miss out on a whole lot there.

    Also, not exactly sure how it will be in ARR, but in FFXI and 1.0, you had to pay extra for extra character slots. You had a "service account" - which was just access to the game ($9.99/mo), plus $3.00/mo for each character slot you wanted - so for a single character, it was $12.99/mo. I think they had a deal where you could unlock 8 slots for like an extra $5 or something, but I can't remember the exact details, and I don't know if ARR will carry on with that - but in the past S/E has charged extra for Alts.

  • LeirosLeiros Member UncommonPosts: 276
    Originally posted by Gretelda
    ty so as i heard having alt is mostly for diversity.

    Hypothetically speaking, there is no need for an alt. The only reason to have an alt in this game would be to either a) be a different race or b) use it as a bot or c) role play. You can do everything on a single character.



  • GreteldaGretelda Member UncommonPosts: 359
    ty all the reason i asked about server transfer was that during OB i had to lvl up a char on JP servers cause NA/EU were buggy and offline most of the times(although had a blast with 3102 jokes...) and i actually enjoyed that char more than my main (also i made my main with having alts in mind so didn't really care for appearance but if i have to stick with it for a long time that's a different story) so i wanted to know if i could count on server transfer since they say it is also free for those who pre-ordered.although a mere lvl 20 doesn't worth it i guess it only take 5-8h to make one or maybe faster now that i am used to game mechanics.(heard if you party up for hunts you can do 1-15 in 2-3hs).or maybe i would just stick to my main depends on our next meeting xD

    my top MMOs: UO,DAOC,WoW,GW2

    most of my posts are just my opinions they are not facts,it is the same for you too.

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