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Anyone know an MMORPG game with army ranking?

Anyone know an MMORPG with army rank capabilities?


  • VrakorVrakor Member Posts: 26
    Just about every MMO that has guilds has got ranks .. though ranks are meaningless without a good reason to have working organisation behind them. That imo pretty much leaves you with EVE or maybe a realism focused Arma 2 clan (fps not mmo).
  • JesusIsLord12JesusIsLord12 Member Posts: 3
    So you choose your MMO by the ranking system?
  • Kev1ns0nbr0Kev1ns0nbr0 Member Posts: 5
    Battle Tanks maybe huh :P ?
  • Saxx0nSaxx0n PR/Brand Manager BitBox Ltd.Member UncommonPosts: 999
    Planetside 2
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