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Seeking EST guild.

Name: Standadeezy

i am looking to start this game out with a fun guild to help me progress through this adventure. if any beta access players know about a guild recruiting from an EST time zone server, I would be more than happy to join up!


i used to play FFXI and i have FFXIV1.0 experience.


  • JuranDesikuJuranDesiku Member Posts: 47

    Serenity would love to have you fill our casual ranks and have you adventure with all of us :). Some of our players are 1.0, but most of them are brand new ready to learn and play together. If you are interested, please check us out at  and fill out a short application so that i can get to know you better. If you'd like information on our free company, please go here :    before applying.


    Thanks and i hope to see you soon!

  • zekeofevzekeofev Member UncommonPosts: 240

    Shinra Electric Power Company is recruiting on Ultros Server.


    We are a EST guild accepting of all playstyles and looking to get into end game raiding eventually. We have some hardcore and some more casual players.


    Check out our website:


    Best of luck finding a free company, Standadeezy.

  • ryan20_00ryan20_00 Member Posts: 168
    I would very much love to speak with you as it relates to your post here and to become of our family ^__^. I took the liberty of sending you a PM with more information.
  • Gunslinger75Gunslinger75 Member UncommonPosts: 202

    Black Legion Mercenary Company would love to have you!  We are a tight knit guild composed of members 18 and older who like to cut up, have fun, drink beer, all while accomplishing end game raiding and pvp!  We are an adult themed guild, and chat will be x rated at times, not for the feint of heart.

    If you can honestly say that cursing doesn't bother you, you don't get offended easily, you like beer, and you love games, then Black Legion is the place for you.

    Check out our website at


    AKA Ptolemy


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