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Character Progression...

I played this game a few months back (up to Transylania), but stopped due to the usual things...

One issue which always bugged me about this game was the character progression.  The new skills did not seem to be upgrades of the previous ones, just slight variations.  I was usuing the same skills throughout, as none of the new skills improved my combat style.

This just removed the whole feeling of progression for me.  The only way forward was gaining new glyphs, which makes perfect sense in a way.

Usually, I would just move on and put it down to a duff game, but the rest of the game is so amazing.

Am I missing something?  Is there an element of progression which I have missed here, or is that just something not present in this game?  What do you do after Transylvannia?



  • strellokstrellok Member Posts: 48

    From my understanding, there is only one type of progression.


    Gear grind. Gear gated content. Gear gear purple 10.0 10.1 10.2 10.3 10.4 10.5 ...


    No craft, no exploration, no new things, no nothing. Just dungeons and raid.

  • IczerIczer Member UncommonPosts: 115
    I know the feeling you speak of. I played TSA since launch off and on and at first I was really into it. The progression for me was that I had a particular build (set of abilities I wanted to use) and worked to get the AP/SP to achieve that build. Once I did and used it a bit I kind of lost interest and stopped playing. Then after 8 months or so it went FTP and I went back to try it some more and found some more builds to strive for. After a month or two I achieved these builds as well and have all the first tier abilities unlocked. So, now I cant seem to find a build that is better than what I have now, I can substitute in many abilities that are simply variations of other abilities. So, it has come down to gear  ... which I personally hate. I have not completed the main story line yet but I really don't have the desire to. Sure being in a guild/clan or whatever might put some spark back into the game but from the perspective of the game itself it seems after you have achieved a certain number of abilities, unless you really love the gear progression thing, the game kind of turns into a treadmill.
  • Agent_JosephAgent_Joseph Member UncommonPosts: 1,341
    Originally posted by dylan32

     What do you do after Transylvannia?


    NM dungeons , lair raids,continue with exploration in all areas(in fields are many missed side missions) , PvP , replaying my fav missions , signet farming , helping cabal mates or random peoples who ask for company or help , researching for gadgets crafting , NYC raid , rare bosses hunt ,  lore hunt , ... making new friendships in game ...etc...

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