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Temple of Crom!!!

RedruumRedruum Member UncommonPosts: 314

Greetings everyone!

I have created a fansite, , for the upcoming mmo by Funcom, Age of Conan. We have the latest news, screenshots, live chat, forums, paypal shopping cart for Tshirts(coming soon), and also character, guild, item, and quests database's! So, feel free to stop on by the site to say hello and get all of your Age of Conan information!


Long live crom!



  • calvertcalvert Member Posts: 10

    That's nice. Thank you for info!

  • HammerHedzHammerHedz Member Posts: 1
    Nice...but OMG it's the slowest thing since 14.4k dial up....and I'm on kick ass corp LAN right now...
  • RedruumRedruum Member UncommonPosts: 314

    Hmmm, not sure why it would load so slow for you? No one else has complained to me yet that it is really really slow? If anyone else has this problem please let me know.





  • GrimSkunk2GrimSkunk2 Member Posts: 451

    Nice site.

    It was fast loading from my comp.


  • SerpentarSerpentar Member Posts: 246

    Nice compact site with all the info on it.

    Now I have the urge to go bash something.

  • ScarisScaris Member UncommonPosts: 5,332

    Nice looking site, and it loads fast for me.

    - Scaris

    "What happened to you, Star Wars Galaxies? You used to look like Leia. Not quite gold bikini Leia (more like bad-British-accent-and-cinnamon-bun-hair Leia), but still Leia nonetheless. Now you look like Chewbacca." - Computer Gaming World

  • FadinawayFadinaway Member Posts: 270

    Bah Redruum!  You're just a Funcom fanboy! *evilgrin*

    Good luck with the site.  Conan looks outstanding.

    Playerbase Solutions

  • RedruumRedruum Member UncommonPosts: 314

    Originally posted by Fadinaway

    Bah Redruum!  You're just a Funcom fanboy! *evilgrin*
    Good luck with the site.  Conan looks outstanding.

    Muhahahaha.....good old Fadinaway!! Long time no hear my friend!  I guess you could call me a Funcom fanboy! It is undeniable that they put out quality games which you cannot always say for Sony who seems to own everything. I am sure our paths will cross again sometime soon! Good luck to you with whatever you take on!
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