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reillanreillan Member UncommonPosts: 247

Glad to see an SRO forum up, finally. Hello, chummers! Here's a few helpful links about the upcoming game:

Facebook Page
Youtube Channel
Escapist article about F2P model


  • DatawarlockDatawarlock Member Posts: 338
    What are they going to do, buy Neocron from KK, stamp Microsoft on the box, and change the name? The game at it's core has been done and died mainly due to bad marketing and even worse payment options. Unless this game is at least thrice as good as Neocron once was, it's not going to last. Not enough kids today know anything about Shadowrun outside the complete mockery Microsoft did with it when they got their dirty hands on it. Good luck with it. I'll stick to MUDs for my SR fix.
  • KarteliKarteli Member CommonPosts: 2,646
    erm .. did this game release?

    Want a nice understanding of life? Try Spirit Science: "The Human History"
    Recognize the voice? Yep sounds like Penny Arcade's Extra Credits.

  • adam_noxadam_nox Member UncommonPosts: 2,130
    shadowrun.com is a good place to go for info as well.
  • reillanreillan Member UncommonPosts: 247

    Originally posted by Karteli
    erm .. did this game release?

    They released "Shadowrun Returns", which is very similar to look and feel, but is single-player only. It's a fun game for relatively cheap.

  • NevulusNevulus Member UncommonPosts: 1,288

    I'm always excited for a SR game. Funny thing though, I did not enjoy the recent Shadowrun Returns release, maybe it is because the games of today have jaded me from the days when I played Shadowrun PNP or the SNes/Genesis games. The checkpoint save feature just didnt sit too well, and the editor provided does not allow for a persistent world. And even worse you cannot play online with friends.


    Shadowrun has always been the ONLY modern/post-modern scenerio I can get into. I've always been a D&D players/DM.


    My perfect Shadowrun online game woul;d be a simple editor where a GM can put together mission for his friends and they can all get online and do runs with the GM putting together the campaign. Alas that won't happen unless I code it myself.

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