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A little help

ShelvinarrShelvinarr Member UncommonPosts: 56

Hey everyone, I haven't played FFXIV since 2010, does anyone know if my account qualifies for legacy seeing as it was before 2012? Or if I'll even have to re-purchase the game? I haven't beta tested, but it can't be worse than initial launch back in 2010. 


Thank you in advance.


  • zekeofevzekeofev Member UncommonPosts: 240

    You don't need to repurchase the game.


    You can log into your account and check if your account has legacy status on SE website. It depends if you subscribed 3 months after they started the legacy campaign.


    You will be given free game time for the first 14 days when the game launches for having a 1.0 account.

  • SimsuSimsu Member UncommonPosts: 386

    Your 1.0 account will be able to play 2.0 without any additional purchase. (You get to play it free until sept 9th I _think_)

    If you had a collector's edition for 1.0 you get all the 2.0 collector's edition in game items.

    Legacy is/was a different thing. I forget the exact requirements, but I think you had to pay for 90 days of service (i.e. not when it was F2P) in order to qualify for legacy status.

  • zakiyawowzakiyawow Member UncommonPosts: 626
    Your account won't be legacy since you have not played since 2010. Legacy promotion was done last year which requires a player to sub for 90 days straight before server close down.
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