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LF RP Group/Game

arrinarrin Member UncommonPosts: 9

I'm looking to find a good RP group in a fantasy themed game (but open to other suggestions).  I'm a casual player, so I don't get a lot of time to play but when I do, I would love to have a good group of people to play with and create stories with.



  • MightyUncleanMightyUnclean Member EpicPosts: 3,531
    Lord of the Rings Online, Landroval Server.  Most RP I've seen in any MMO.
  • furbansfurbans Member UncommonPosts: 968

    Yeah LotRO for a modern MMO.  Might want to check out Neverwinter though also.  Neverwinter is D&D and they might have a presence since any D&D game has RPers.  That said there is also DDO.

    If you want a real RPing game then you might want to try out the RP Persistent Worlds of Neverwinter Nights 2.  NWN1 might have a higher presence since I hear that there is more freedom there in regards to modding, but is a more dated game than NWN2.  Both are dated but the world is created by players and there are DM events n such n people who stick to lore and don't allow powergaming.  Some ridiculous class builds that are obviously a min/max build are forced to correct their build that make no sense lore wise.

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