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Arrogant and Unreasonable Customer Service

Crusix221Crusix221 Member UncommonPosts: 100

                I recently had the unfortunate pleasure of having to deal with Guild Wars 2 customer service and I cannot believe their arrogance and complete lack of ability to logically resolve an issue. With that being said, let me explain the situation.

                Back in May I attempted to log on to GW2 for the first time in a few weeks only to find my password and email had been changed and that my account had been comprised. To customer services credit, I went through them to have my account restored using my product key and was able to get my account back. Upon logging on I found all of my characters deleted and replaced by one level 80 which looked as if it was being used for gold farming. Angry, but rolling with the punches, I took what little gems and gold that were left in my bank and on that character and re-rolled.

                Fast forward two months, I go to log onto GW2 only this time find that my account has been suspended for use of third-party programs. Obviously, I was very angry as I had not used any third-party programs and I assumed my account had been hacked again and resulted in me being banned. As such, I contact customer service and admittedly wrote, an emotionally charged complaint to have my account restored as this is the second time they have failed to insure the security of my account and to add insult to injury they had now pointed the blame at me.

                I soon receive an email from customer support saying that my request has been elevated to Senior Customer Support Representative. Following that email two weeks pass by and I wrote another stern, yet mature, response to them about their irresponsibility in banning my account and the need for them to restore it or issue me a refund immediately.

                I then receive a response from them claiming that they are confident in their detection methods and that my account will remain closed and refund will be issued. Again, having not used any third party programs and having restored a HACKED ACCOUNT THROUGH THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE prior to this issue I was very upset and responded to them that it was unbelievable and unacceptable that they could not logically follow the audit trail of me having an account compromised previously and for not understand my argument for having used no such programs. Furthermore I assured them that I was not going to roll over on the issue since I was wrongfully accused and they have essentially denied me of services I paid for.

                Their last response to me was that, again they are positive in their methods of detecting third party programs being used by account and that they took place after my account was restored. All of which I have no doubt of, but they still are ignoring the fact they could not secure my account once and that it is highly probable that it was compromised again. Instead of entertaining such an idea, even with evidence and logic available to them; they instead inform me that my account will remain closed and that further service requests will be closed without review.

                Overall, the arrogance, poor customer service, and lack of reasoning demonstrated by this company and its customer service department is unacceptable by today’s standards and has flat out made me feel cheated out of the money I spent to purchase the game and used in the in-game store. As such, I am simply trying to bring awareness to this issue and appeal my case over all mediums and outlets I can because the way they have treated be has been a personal slap in the face.


  • jpnzjpnz Member Posts: 3,529
    Sounds like what the IT guys call "user environment issue"

    Gdemami -
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  • Crusix221Crusix221 Member UncommonPosts: 100
    Very well could be, but they pinned me as the guilty party when there is absurd reasonable doubt. A better company would work with their paying customer and be more considerate given the circumstances.
  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 41,522
    You are responsible for your account security and environment integrity. I suspect you are not in control of your own hardware, seek professional help for it if you aren't able to lock it down yourself.

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  • jpnzjpnz Member Posts: 3,529
    How hard is it to download some security software? Excluding the Norton stuff cause good god are they awful.

    Gdemami -
    Informing people about your thoughts and impressions is not a review, it's a blog.

  • VolkonVolkon Member UncommonPosts: 3,748
    Originally posted by Crusix221

                  ... as this is the second time they have failed to insure the security of my account and to add insult to injury they had now pointed the blame at me.



    OK... hold the phone. They've given you all the tools you need to secure your account. They have an authenticator you can use. They also have email verification. (Wait... you're not using the same email address for your GW2 account and other things as well are you? Tsk tsk) You also have the ability to create a strong password. The security of your account is your responsibility, not theirs. All they can do is give you the tools, it's up to you to be smart enough to use them.


    So, which third-party program were you using?

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  • SiphaedSiphaed Member RarePosts: 1,114

    I'm with everyone else here in saying that it's your own fault for security.  You're the one being arrogant and unreasonable in expecting that it's A.Net's job to babysit your account.  To expect them to prevent hacking of your own computer, your own email account, to make sure you personally don't make a simple password (i.e. P4SSW0RD), and that you don't share the login computer with other people that might install keylogging software (or that you don't yourself through 3rd party sites).    All that is on you, personally, as it's your own responsibility.


    Also, my wondering is if this scenario didn't happen:  

    You went to a 3rd party website to buy gold/gold buying services.   They did their services, but also hacked your account and stole it shortly there after.    You were able to get your account back with original key.   A month or so after that, you go back to trying to get gold the easy way, only this time it's related to 3rd party software that gets flagged and your account banned (and it does sound like a perma-ban, not suspensions are temporary, bans are permanent).

    Does that come similar/close to what happened?  Because that sounds exactly like what happened based on your description of events (which are leaving out some mighty big holes).



  • fiontarfiontar Member UncommonPosts: 3,682

    I experienced a torturous affair getting a GW1 account restored to me last year, which was eventually resolved, but pointed to lack of logic and common sense on the part of some of the CSRs I dealt with that was beyond belief. So, I can buy that they are capable of being arrogant and unreasonable and sometimes lacking in logic.

    However, I have never seen any indication that accounts are insecure at their end. It is our responsibility to make use of a strong password unique to the game, protect our PCs vs. snooping and make use of the additional security tools made available to us.

    If you had email confirmation turned on, then someone would have needed to compromise your game password and email password to compromise your account. They would then need to have used your account, utilizing 3rd party software, while not taking any actions that would make you suspicious that your account or your email had been compromised.

    It would seem beyond improbable that someone would hack your account and your email and play the account in a manner worth the effort, using 3rd party apps or not, with out you noticing characters logged into places you didn't leave them, having items or gold vanish or appear, etc...

    I'd think they would probably also have compared the i.p. address you were logged into while the hacks were being used, so you'd have to add i.p. spoofing to your account thief's skills, unless it was done by someone in your house, in which case you either have a relative or housemate to blame, or you have more serious concerns than the status of your GW2 account.

    If you truly, honestly never, ever cheated, then you might want to take measures against the possibility that some software on your system that you are or are not aware of might have reasonably triggered their detection methods.

    It sucks you lost your account. It's nice you will get a refund. If you are being honest, I hope you will find the issue and correct it before it compromises future game play in other games. If you did really cheat, then no sympathy.

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  • rojoArcueidrojoArcueid Member EpicPosts: 10,722

    i contacted them once long time ago to recover my GW1 info that i forgot and couldnt recover manually. Sent them an email (following the steps they provided on their website), and they sent me a response with the info i needed. VOILA! i played again.


    It seems following steps is hard for some people. Besides, if your account is compromised its your fault, and if they help you fix it and you let it compromise again, its your own fault once more. No matter what company is behind it.

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