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Whats everyones download time? :P



  • SoxeSoxe Member Posts: 45

    what is your SoG  number mine is 7039 of close to that


  • RoinRoin Member RarePosts: 3,376

    I wonder after it finishes are we supposed to start it up? They did mention updates.....::::04::

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  • Shinob1Shinob1 Member Posts: 4

    ive still got 14 hrs left :(

  • stephen_sofstephen_sof Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 388

    well my dl should be done by the 13th so i dont care

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  • dakariosdakarios Member Posts: 13

    going from 25 kb/s up to 90 kb/s and down again. It'd be finnished after I come back from work.
    (yup, there ppl working on saturdays) ::::36::

    I wonder what data is included, e.g. mp3 music & sounds/textures & graphics. Something to waste time on until its dec 13th.

  • allthereallthere Member Posts: 26
    Well i was using BitTorrent and i was downloading at 30kb/s so slow......So I kept looking on the DnL forums, and found a way faster way to only took me 1hr 34mins to get it. image
  • KekuleKekule Member Posts: 73
    18-24Kb/s taking 19 hours lol... I have about 5-6 hours left so I'm gonna run it when I go to bed tonight.


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