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New Game - Borderless RPG

There is a new Massive Multiplayer Online RPG to be released in Alpha-Test on November 1st.

If anyone would like to help Alpha-test the game please go to Http:// Please note that his is only a Forum at the moment, as we will move the game and the forum to a new URL when Alpha-Test is released. There are lots of openings for the Alpha-Test, so don't be discouraged.

BRPG is a fantasy game, it will have many battle functions such as magic, melee, range and you can even make your own spells. Be ensured that BRPG will remain free (As everyone loves the word "free"). There will be Forging, Mining and other skills of the sort. As most games. BRPG has a main system of deities, there are ten in all, ranging from the vengful god of fire and destruction, to the calm and loving goddess of protection.  

If you have any questions considering BRPG please feel free to post them on the forums.


  • FaeryShiversFaeryShivers Member Posts: 46


    Just a few questions:

    Is it browser based or client based?

    Is it text or graphical?

    What kind of battle system? Is it hack and slash or more like 2D snes rpgs?


  • Diabl@Diabl@ Member Posts: 2

    Hello there. I'm another creator. As for your questions:

    It'll be browser based, a mixture of text and grapchics (text based, with lots of grapchics)

    The battle system will be AI controlled based on pre-set strategies (like magic using (spells, potions, whatever you like) using ranged weapons, close-combat, etc, it'll be full-featured)

    Many things will matter in battles, such as weather, wind (ranged shots >=)), your char's speed ("can I attack already?"), intelligence ("now what to hit? that shiny blue armor or that rusty helmet?"), agility ("now, do we actually hit that helmet, or slip and hit the blueeee armor?"), strength ("die, fiend!"), your weapon's and your opponent's armor's condition, everything.

    If you have further questions, feel free to visit our forums at

    I hope I helped =)

  • ZetegZeteg Member Posts: 3


  • Diabl@Diabl@ Member Posts: 2
    We have a new url:

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