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What Shall the Majority be Playing??? FFXI VS Horizons

so....the big question. if you  are considering either of these games please vote for the one you are going to play =) also if you would like to post reasons for which game you chose feel free to express your selves


  • BentoBento Member Posts: 43
    ....lineage 2...... why on earth would you ask a stupid poll like this hehe

  • herculeshercules Member UncommonPosts: 4,920

    Got to go with horizons .Lineage 2 and FF XI has this asian style gameplay and of course asian style graphics too.

    While some might like it its certainly not for me.

    However it all depends on how horizons pans out.If it is good then i will play it till EQ2 and if EQ2 sucks i will stick with horizons.

    If horizons sucks its back to SWG for me till EQ2 arrives.

  • knutknut Member Posts: 46

    I got to go with Horizons to man...I am a Beta tester for the game and it looks good. Graphics, gameplay and story is great.

    When i first started to test it i did not like it, but after some updates and more NPC's and enemys to fight i love the game. It is soooo cool to be a dragon, i am looking forward to se my dragon fly !



    Horizons beta (EU)

    Ragnos the Dragon : level 14 Dragon Warrior level 12 Cleric and level 10 Mage.

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