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SoG download availible on the 9th of Dec.

FoShizzleFoShizzle Member Posts: 13

After hours of waiting an e-mail I sent concearned about why no one was able to download SoG was finally answered. I wasn't given an explanation as to why exactly, just told that the SoG client will be availible for download on Dec. 9th at and until it is made availible that web-site re-directs you to

I hope this puts a few people at ease. So unless i was directly misinformed by the DnL customer support team, SoG will be downloaded tomorrow. I am not 100% certain what will be up on the 13th as alot of us have heard...perhaps the forums and such? I don't think if they are letting us download tomorrow that we will have to wait until the 13th to play, but who knows?


  • jayheld90jayheld90 Member UncommonPosts: 1,715

    that what i have been hearing...also, that the servers wont be up until the 13th.

  • DrokarDrokar Member Posts: 91

    at this point it really doesnt matter.  They are through.  If they think former SWG customers will put up with this again, they are wrong.  They said the 8th, it is the 8th, no SoG.  I could care less what their reasons are (since they dont wish to share them, and if they did i wouldnt be reacting this way), or that it is delayed a day.  They said the 8th, that is now, they lied.  Period.

    there are now 8880 keys sold, im returning mine.  Chargeback is a great feature.

  • KekuleKekule Member Posts: 73
    I heard somewhere they delayed it to the 13th for marketing purposes...would think it would be worse to change the date and upset the fans you already have...


  • majochmajoch Member Posts: 599
    Hmmm, marketing purposes?  Seems a little late in the ballgame to get onboard with that. Just haven't heard a whole lot or seen much on this title.
  • FoShizzleFoShizzle Member Posts: 13

    I haven't a clue what is to be released on the 13th. They haven't said anything in plain english. "The servers will be up on the 13th" Ok, well what servers? Are they talking about the regular DnL website with all of the forums and such? Do they mean the server that SoG will be running on? I have no clue. I really wish they would make it clear.

    All I do know is what I said to you all, that we get to download tomorrow. If they let us download it but then make us sit around until the 13th, that's just silly. But, then again I wouldn't put it past them.

  • jayheld90jayheld90 Member UncommonPosts: 1,715

    if they made it clear, then they wouldnt have room to lie to us.

  • uglybuggeruglybugger Member Posts: 19
    The official word is that the server goes live on the 13th but i've seen no mention of when the download is gonna be made available image
  • Vai1018Vai1018 Member Posts: 15

    To everyone, this is from the dev's in the DnL IRC server today.

    The download link will be posted tomorrow, Dec 9th.  The game servers will go live on Tuesday, Dec. 13.

    The website is currently being worked on, and they are bringing back the forums and the content as soon as they can.

    I'm just the messenger, you can put that gun down.  :)

  • stephen_sofstephen_sof Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 388

    <[AD]Jodh> You will get a confirmation email in the next few hours...the email cue is a little overloaded right now :) [18:12] <[AD]Jodh> ok ladies and's official, all 10,000 keys gone in exactly 1 minute 20 seconds....that's a lot of F5 [18:14] <[AD]Jodh> The download will be available tomorrow [18:14] <[AD]Jodh> the servers will go live on the 13th

    thats all the official word i got

    "It's the darkness that brings us power"

  • acmtalkacmtalk Member Posts: 405
    Can u say BS?  WTH!!!  I left swg to scape from SOE, and Now They are treating us Like SOE did!!! DAMIT!!!


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