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The worst things about EQ2 that I wish SOE would address!

tixylixtixylix Member UncommonPosts: 1,288

1. The sound design is horrible, I hate how I hear my footsteps over everything, they aren't subtle at all and it seems like there's just been one or two different types of footsteps recorded. Like everyone has the same sounding footsteps and even on low settings they overpower everything else, maybe partly down to SOE not really putting much effort into ambient sound in all the new zones I've played. However I really want these footsteps to be rerecorded, toned down and to not feel so out of place, different surfaces should sound different! 

I also hate how everything sounds like I'm in an echoey room, it's really weird but nothing sounds like it's being played out in wide open zones. The sound is fine when you're in a dungeon surrounding by stone, however when out in the open it just sounds wrong and horrible. 

Voice overs, why have they gone? It really gave EQ2 quite an immersive feel and made the world sound more alive. Now all the NPCs are silent like a Nintendo game and I hate that, it makes the world feel even more empty. 


2. I don't like loading screens and instant travel and all that crap. I've wanted them to connect the zones, put the boat rides back in, get rid of stupid bells and to make travel feel immersive so it feels like a world. Even when you had those boat access quests, that at least made it feel like you were travelling to a real place. Now it's gone crazy, everyone is behind a loading screen and there are so many now that there is no world feeling. 


3. The character models are horrible, they looked quite alright in alpha but for some reason they changed them, made their skin look all weird and made them look like plastic. I remember a patch they made in beta and it turned Human female eyes into looking like they were stoned. They've been horrible ever since then and SOE has made no attempts at fixing them. The only thing they done was to introduce the Asian models which look even worse! I just wish'd they would redo Dwarves, Halflings, Ogres, Trolls, Barbarians, Gnomes  and Humans as they're all bar far the worst. The skin as well just looks horrible on all the races with Human like skin, it's like plastic or bumpy like they had bad acne or something.

How did they go from this to this or this

Also what happened to this ? Never saw it in game once but it looked amazing!


4. I always thought zones felt like they were lacking density, they were lacking in detail and everything felt really blocky and thick. I really loved the Isle of Refuge and just the density it had, they made a real effort with the foliage so the ground didn't feel like a single texture and that's it... exactly what most zones feel like now. I used to hate Antonica the TS so much, they were so bland and still are, when I see lots of other zones, everything feels so flat like there is no detail. When they do decide to pack a zone it just feels so copy and pasted. There are some amazing looking places in the game where you can tell the effort has been put into, sadly though they're mainly dungeons. I never like to explore in EQ2 because the zones are just so bland and horrible to go through and many feel so confined. I really loved the atmosphere of Nek back in the day, it was a scary place to go, now they've ruined it by making it so easy that you don't have to be scared of anything.


5. Talking about easy, why is the game so easy now? Playing my SK I only have to hit 3 spells over and over and I stay at full health while dealing damage and I actually can tank like 10 mobs at once in zones that are meant to be for my level. I just find combat so boring as a result and the world just feels boring and it kills the atmosphere.


6. The classes are bland and they feel watered down, they have done since release. The only good this is now you don't have to get to level 20+ to finally get to your class to see if you like it and haven't wasted hours of your life. I look at the classes and think, half of these can be combined, there really isn't any need to have two of the same type. Less is more and tbh I really found that WoW hit the nail on the head, each class felt so dense, had so many play styles and they all felt unique. When I played EQ2 so many just felt pointless and that they would be more fun if you just combined a load and made them more interesting. The original EQ was way more fun when it came to classes too.


Finally (though I can think of more)


7. Merge the servers, there doesn't need to be so many, there are so many zones now you could have one and pack them out. EQ2 used to clone zones over and over when each one became packed, why not do that again? Maybe then you could increase the difficulty so people actually group up. 




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