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Oldschool Games - What Are You Playing?



  • PaRoXiTiCPaRoXiTiC Member UncommonPosts: 602

    I've been playing Stonekeep.

    Can't explain how epic this game was when it first came out. I miss being a kid so bad :...(

  • DAS1337DAS1337 Member UncommonPosts: 2,610

    It's funny to see what all the new kids consider classics.. like Assassins Creed.. really? 


    Some of us older folks who started gaming in the mid-90's and earlier have a dramatically different opinion on what constitutes a classic in the gaming realm, as opposed to someone who's only been playing for the past decade or less.


    Vanguard?  Haha.. Okay..

  • Samuel107Samuel107 Member UncommonPosts: 7
    Super Mario Bros on Nintendo all the way. I can honestly play it for days, to the point where I am just dying on the first goombas and still play it.
  • VardahothVardahoth Member RarePosts: 1,472
    Originally posted by emistz

    Hi gents,

    A couple of days ago I dusted off my old copy of Planescape Torment, and I have been playing it non-stop for hours.  I gotta say, I don't know if it is nostalgia or what, but there is something really exciting about some of these old classics.

    Is anyone playing oldschool games? I'd like to checkout some of the games that I might not have had the chance to play while growing up.


    They remade ffIV for nintendo ds, and I must say the voice acting is amazing. I even like the little addons they did. I also thought to myself, man I haven't had this much fun playing a game since around 2003-2006.


    The problem is most of the devs are youngsters now copying the WOW model they loved so much. Old timers who enjoyed games like:


    ragnarok online

    lineage 2

    will never likely see a game like those ever again. Honestly this is why I'm thinking of making another game that goes in that genre (since that is why everyone wants, but nobody is getting). And it's been what, 9 years since the release of any game from that genre?


    I've already thought to myself, well, I've said time and time again what will make a game successful. Companies won't listen so might as well make my own and get $$$$. Seriously this is the time for inovation. Companies have gone full retard.

    I Quit.

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  • HrimnirHrimnir Member RarePosts: 2,415
    Friend of mine bought me a copy of BG:EE, been playing the crap out of that while waiting for EQ:next info to drop.

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    - Friedrich Nietzsche

  • MumboJumboMumboJumbo Member UncommonPosts: 3,219
    Originally posted by BrooksTech
    Masters of Magic

    On my "next list", after:

    "King Of Dragon Pass" (cost: gog < iOS, though iOS works like a dream and souped up graphics).

  • ClywdClywd Member UncommonPosts: 260
    Originally posted by DMKano

    EQ1 as usual.


    Same here - eq1 just rocks.
    Though my girl recently forced me into Baldurs Gate 1 again.

    Currently playing: EQ1
    Ruptura Draconis
    Waiting for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

  • VocadiVocadi Member UncommonPosts: 205
    I love replaying old games. I am playing Baldurs Gate: Enhanced Edition, Morrowind, Heroes of Might and Magic 2 and 3 and Pharaoh/Cleopatra.

  • VocadiVocadi Member UncommonPosts: 205
    Originally posted by Theocritus

    I saw a few of the games on GoG.com also...How do they take dos based games and make them for windows7,8,etc?


    GOG bundles and optimizes their games already with DOS Box so there is no need for you to do anything but buy the game and install. I have been a GOG supporter from day 1 and they honestly do a great job of making old games playable with limited fuss.

  • AkulasAkulas Member RarePosts: 2,702

    Costs too much to make my own and takes too long to do it by myself so, where can I find 100 volanteers with experience? Nowhere. So, where can I get $500 X 100 a week for wages + $15420 for the stuff they need. Or 20 years. Need alot of time or alot of money and even then there is no guarantee for success. Unless you do something else to make enough money or have sponsors it's unlikely anyone who isn't really passionate about it will succeed. Still though, Jamflex started out with 2 guys in their mums basement so it can be done.


    I used to play TTD and make the routes take longer on purpose to get more money and use ships to transfer oil from one side of the map to another. Really clunky but used to love it. Patrician too and anno not the latest one because that sucks. Sometimes I just want to trade stuff from one point to another and make money off doing that.


    Tried 16 bit tomb raider recently and it's better and tried Termanal Velocity chunky as but still fun. I always get scared when I have to fly through the tunnels or go through the clouds. Anyways I guess anything more than 10 years old would be considered classic technicly.

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  • AvatarBladeAvatarBlade Member UncommonPosts: 757

    Although it just came out, you could try out Shadowrun Returns, since it is a 90's style type of game.

    Also the Quest for Glory series are quite nice, if you enjoy an adventure/RPG combination.

  • BenediktBenedikt Member UncommonPosts: 1,406
    currently wizardry 8, heroes of might & magic 3 and aardwolf mud :)
  • CastillleCastillle Member UncommonPosts: 2,679
    KOTOR, Dungeon Keeper 2, Dungeon Keeper 1, Sim Theme Park, Majesty 1, Dwarf Fortress

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