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We make it Orky!

Time for the best forum game of all time, an Orky one! Show off your Greenspeak by translating your favorite movie quotes.


"Dis 'ere's me choppa! Dere's lots like it, but dis one is mine!"


"I wantz da teef!"

"Youz can't handle da teef!"


"Da first rule about da Waaagh is ya don't talk about da Waaagh!"


"Oi, you'z so drunk ya can't hit nuffin. You'z probably seein two..."

"I gotz more dakka, enuff fer da both of ya!"


  • SavijSavij Member Posts: 341

    oi, watz we sappozt ta do bozz? mosh Mufasa? Damn rigt boyz!

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  • GitzStompaGitzStompa Member Posts: 54
    "ITZ A TRAP!"
  • RazephonRazephon Member UncommonPosts: 628
    "Yooz ain't nuffin but a banch of stinkin ummies!"

    Currently waiting for the MMO industry to put out something good.
  • StMichaelStMichael Member Posts: 183
    "Oi, why don't ya just get back and ZOG YER OWN FACE!"
  • freakishbeanfreakishbean Member UncommonPosts: 176



    "Ya see 'der ya oaf? I brought more boyz 'en you did!"

    Needing is Wanting...
    Wanting is Coveting...
    Coveting is Sinning...
    I am SO going to Hell.

  • GitzStompaGitzStompa Member Posts: 54


    "I IZ NO MAN."



  • SteinarBSteinarB Member UncommonPosts: 54

    Terrified Ork Boy:  "Wh...  Who iz yer?!?"

    Dark clad caped Gretchin: "I iz BatGrot!"

  • StMichaelStMichael Member Posts: 183
    *In an echo-y voice* "Use da WAAAAAGGGHH!, ya git!"
  • BeerSamuraiBeerSamurai Member Posts: 69
    I iz Storm-Nob 'Ardzog, yer senio-seni-sen-DA BIGGEST OF ALL DA STORMBOYZ! From now on you will only speak only when I tellz ya to, and da first and last words out of your stoopid mouth-'oles will be "Sir". Do you grot-lovin gits understand dat?

    Recruitz: [In unison in a normal speaking tone] Sir, yeah Sir.

    Ardzog: WOT?! I kan'tz hear ya. Sound off like yer real orkz!

    Recruitz: [In unison, much louder] SIR, YEAH SIR!

    Ardzog: If ya gretching lovin squigz leave me camp, if ya survive da yoof trainin, yooz will be propa weaponz. Yooz will be a minis-minis-mister-ARDER DEN DA MEHREEN BOYZ! But until dat day, yooz iz all grotz. Yooz is da dumbest, weakest gitz o' da WAAAGH! Ya ain't even propa fraggin' orkz. Yer all just a big ol pile o squig shit! Cuz I iz 'ard, yooz will not like me. But da more ya 'ate me, da more ya will learn. Unless ya try ta kill me, and if ya try, I'll rip yer ead of wif me bare 'andz!  I iz 'ard but I iz fair. I don't care what clan ya came from. I don't care if youz a stikk in da mud Snakebite, a sneaky Deffskull, or a stoopid-as-'ell Blood Axe.  In dis place,  yer all equally stoopid. And my orders are ta snik out all da dum gitz wot can't fight propa in da Stormboy Corps.  Do ya squigs get dat?!

    Dreah I'm yunk, wazzit matter to you?

  • StMichaelStMichael Member Posts: 183
    "Oi! I'z Inigo Montoya, youz gorked me Boss, prepare ta die!"
  • GitzStompaGitzStompa Member Posts: 54

    "Mef nam' if Bond. James Bond."

    "Keep ya friendlies closa, an' yer enemies closah."

    "Snappie ou' o' it ya git!"

  • RealbigdealRealbigdeal Member UncommonPosts: 1,666

    I'm not that kind of orc

    C:\Users\FF\Desktop\spin move.gif

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