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I'm getting tired of playing in Disney Land so I have some questions about SB..

NeonShadowNeonShadow Member UncommonPosts: 326

So me and my little bro are getting bored of the Disney Land of MMORPG's (WoW) and decided that it's time to get a real PvP game. I heard from many people that SB is one (if not the) best PvPMMORPG's out there. I've heard that you can do large city raids called Banes (or something like that) and those sound really fun. What I'd like to know about SB is that can you loot players after you kill them? (That would be cool :O) and what is a good stealther class for PvP (if there is a good one)? And do some race/class combos have a advantage over other race/class combos? Thank's to whom answers!


  • ParepinParepin Member UncommonPosts: 257

    What I'd like to know about SB is that can you loot players after you kill them?

    Yes, anything in there inventory drops to the ground when they die. Equipped items stay with the charactor, and take a SMALL durability hit when that player dies.

    and what is a good stealther class for PvP (if there is a good one)?

    A thief is a good stealther class for solo play(tho Shadowbane isnt much of a solo game). An Assassin is good for groups, because they can shut down healing on a single target with Shadow Mantle. There are a few other stealther class's out there, each are unique.

    And do some race/class combos have a advantage over other race/class combos?

    Yes and no. It all depends on the player behind the charactor, and how well they work with each other (including class). If your good with a priest, your group will live longer, if your good with a warrior, you will kill more, etc..

  • BerindorBerindor Member Posts: 21

    Yes you can loot players and monsters in SB even in their own city, only a few areas are safeground concerning pvp.

    The most amusing thing with SB you can create your own unique character within different races and classes. But there are many good templates out there on the SB class forums, some works better than others, but it all depends how you're used to play your character.
    I rolled a new person now named Gamil only a few days ago.
    Race: Vampire
    Class: Assassin
    Main weapon: Warbow of Fey (Tier 3 proc. magic)
    level: 58

    My main nuke spells
    Steal breath

    The Shadowbane Emulator (SBEmu)

  • NeonShadowNeonShadow Member UncommonPosts: 326

    Hmm.. I'd like to be a Vampire but it seems like it's a playable race only for those that have the Throne of Oblivion expansion. I've never seen an expansion for Shadowbane here where I live. Can I somehow buy it via online methods or would I get through patching?

  • ParepinParepin Member UncommonPosts: 257

    Look at your account management. You can unlock ToO thru that.

  • Edward78Edward78 Member Posts: 245

    I think wizzard is great for PvP, pick Neph. a flying wizzard is good. They have a level 60 pet you can train up. Go to to read about the game, there is the low population isue, but bisides that PvP is fun.

  • ShadowFeintShadowFeint Member Posts: 64

    in my opinion sb is the best pvp game out there and no other mmo comes close. Since you have played wow you should understand that the banes are simialr to AV in terms of numbers but back when the servers where thriving ie launch those bane battles were huge something that shld anyone attempt in WoW the server goes down without coming close to sb's numbers.

    anyway you can loot anything in the players inventory not on equipment screen, this includes their money.
    as a thief you can actually be a thief and steal from their inventory, best example was when a friend took off his pants to moon someone in the guild and low and behold a sprinting thief ran off with them.

    OT: speaking of disney that movie Narnia has caused me to have a huge urge to play shadowbane and will probably be returning before jan. so if anyone is in a guild that would welcome me since i know that the servers I was on been shut down and merged.

    EDIT: typos and grammer sleep i must

    Fun Factor is what makes or breaks a game, if its not fun just play something else.

  • darktravestydarktravesty Member Posts: 199

    So, how's the population? I played in Disney Land for a bit, and it's all fine and dandy but nothing near what SB once was.

  • Zeno-Kh'reeZeno-Kh'ree Member Posts: 3

    Zergy on Vindication. Bane fights are gaining more and more players, and seems some mine fights end with 100 players on one screen... population on the rise, first time in a long time.

    I hear redemption is getting very popular as well.

  • chs5138chs5138 Member Posts: 67
    Vindication and Redemption both have decent populations. Shadowbane is by far the best MMO on the market right now for PvP. Banes are huge events that last hours (the longest bane I've attended went on for about 6 hours). I haven't played in about 3 months but I hear it's doing pretty nice on those 2 servers. My favorite race/class combination was Shade/Warlock.
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