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Octarius Wars

Has it been announced where the conflict will take place?  Cause if not, I'm hoping it takes place it the Octarius sector.  Think about it.

Orks control that section of space, while the Imperium is fighting a losing battle to stop the spread.  In between the pandemonium are the Eldar striking at everyone, and Chaos taking advantage of the disorder.  That's Eternal Crusade's PvP game right there. 

And on top of that, with Kryptmann luring Hivefleet Leviathan to the sector to try and wipe out the orks, that creates the PvE for the game as well.  Sick of fighting  other players?  Take a break and shoot some of the endless wave of 'nids.


But that's just my hope.  What do you guys think?

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  • StMichaelStMichael Member Posts: 183
    I remember reading somewhere that Games Workshop isn't tying the story of Eternal Crusade to the cannon in any way until it meets a certain level of success. Doubtful that we'll see any familiar characters or locations until after launch.
  • BeerSamuraiBeerSamurai Member Posts: 69
    Really?  Damn.  That whole area is just begging to be used and everything...

    Dreah I'm yunk, wazzit matter to you?

  • MaquiameMaquiame Member UncommonPosts: 1,073
    Originally posted by BeerSamurai
    Really?  Damn.  That whole area is just begging to be used and everything...

    Its a good scenario I'll tell you that. Though leading the biomass fueled Tyranids into an orc nest is just well, stupid and a temporary solution.


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  • dinamsdinams Member Posts: 1,362

    What happens is that

    GW dont make game story/chapter/sector canon, unless it proves itself to be popular (see Dawn of War series, blood ravens, sector aurelia, kronus and kaurava are all canon now) and a bunch of books

    This means they dont recognize changes in the canon by third party unless approved by them, this is why someone can write a book/create a game about how the emperor came back but it wouldn't change anything

    So no octarius

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