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Son Banned on DC.



  • Allacore69Allacore69 Member Posts: 839

    Originally posted by flizzer
    This thread is hilarious.  Apparently the majority of people in this thread were geniuses as kids and breaking into top secret installations.  As a 10-year old I had no idea how to do any of this and expect very few kids do either.  As I said before,  i would sooner believe a concerned parent than people here claiming this kid is a hacking genius and must be guilty.
    +1 dude
  • faxnadufaxnadu Member UncommonPosts: 940
    just because he is your son , dont remove the fact that he cannot cheat or use ingame glitch. we always tend to forget that even our own kin can be something we are not and have always tried to teach otherwise. also to the guy above and person who +1 it. dudes you need to realize that world is so much different today than when i was 10 for example, even my daughter who is becoming 4 can use internet and go to play games on for example some children based websites. so easily 10 year old knows how to use glitches and hacks.
  • tawesstawess Member EpicPosts: 4,226

    Just to explain to you OP that had your son used a "real" hack he would have been perma-banned faster then you can say quality time.


    Most likley your son or one of his friends used some of the more common exploits the float around in game, especially as he is at that age where winning is very important. Ofc as an exploit is within the game you will not find any traces of it on the computer it self.


    But i think you (if this is a true story... I somehow hope it is for your own sake) very much underestimate your sons ability to digest info, i guess that you will be the same parent that in a few years think your son does not surf porn and wanks, and will be in complete denial once he start drinking.


    Any way it is a lesson in life for your son and a fairly good one actually as it teaches him many things.

    This have been a good conversation

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